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Well saying goodbye to the Z24
Sunday, October 06, 2013 7:17 PM
After the motor gave in the Z up the ghost a few months ago the Z has been sitting in the drive way being used as a storage spot.

Well after our only other running vehicle died, we went to apply for a loan to get the wife a D.D./Family Car and myself a small D.D. and future project car.
A 88' CRX hf, which is my (realistic) dream car, and something I have wanted to own for years now.
It has a few imperfections and will need some cleaning(especially under the hood).
But it has a recently rebuilt D15b6, no upgrades just replaced all the bearings, piston rings, gaskets, water pump, timing belt, clutch, etc

Interior is a little rough and will need a few runs to the junkyard and some CL searching to find some replacements.

The exterior isn't perfect, but is straight, with little rust and OK paint work, front bumper is a little rough but easily replaced.
Owner said the hood is primer gray now and not black.
Only thing that worries me is it looks like there is a BIG spot of rust on drivers side rear quarter right above the bumper.
Is lowered on coilovers, not sure if name brand or cheap ones will find out when I get it.
As long a she doesn't sell it from under me before I get out there to buy it I'll be picking it up tomorrow.

Few picture from the Craigslist ad.

Immediate plans for the rex are as follows;
16", maybe 15" rims painted ether bronze or a blue color
Amber corner and bumper lights
Get hood painted to match body
Replace/repair any trim pieces
Eventually give it a whole repaint, which will include painting the black lower trim white

Upgrade seats(to what, I'm not sure exactly, I do have some leather Camaro seats that could work from the Z)
Short throw shifter
Replace interior parts as I can
Decent stereo and speakers(no sub/amp)

Eventually paint the bay silver, head/block/tranny would also be silver, VC will be whatever color rims are
Motor is staying stock(minus CAI) for the gas millage
Upgrade all stock bushings with Urethane, including motor mounts
MUCH later down the road D16 swap for a little more power and eventual turbo build

Well thats it for now.
I really hope she doesn't sell it before I can get there and I don't find anything wrong with it when I test drive it.

Building it one piece at a time

Re: Well saying goodbye to the Z24
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 8:10 PM
with a low torque engine stay with 15 at max, less rotating mass is a good thing. check that the shifter is not too loose. it may need some work at that age.

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