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What i've been up to
Monday, January 05, 2015 5:35 PM
Well built the eco swapped 1st/2nd gen, got bored of the J body scene and let it sit for a LONG time
Built a stanced/JDM Nissan Gloria (got bored of that too)

mods are:
Mods: LS2 6.0L
Kooks Headers Stainless direct fit and Catless Midpipes With Full Stainless Corsa Exhaust
MSD wires,
Tune including removal of CAGS, downstream 02 Sensors increased timing and removal of excess fuel from tune (holy crap gm puts a lot in that isnt needed) Removal of torque management
Revspot Poly urithane Motor Trans, Diff and rear cradle bushings
Interior Completely re-wrapped in gensuede (soon to change) including seats re-upholstered, all factory silver accents have been repainted to match Body Colour (Black Diamond Tri-Coat from a 2009 CTS-V
Custom Audio system worked into car including Custom Ipad mini Side slider kit, 3 Arc Audio amplifiers moulded into the rear parcel Shelf, Custom processor mount in trunk and custom sub box in spare tire well (also painted Body color)
Whole car has additional sound deadening to kill road noise and rattles
Security: Remote start/ Alarm with tilt and motion sensors, full 2 way paging and tracking via iphone
Footwork: H&R springs on stock struts (air or coils coming)
energy suspension bushings in control arms, and swaybars
Custom Painted 2006 CTS-V Black Factory wheels with limited edition Factory Black Centercaps.
Continental DWS tires (best tire i have driven on hands down in a long time)
Exterior: Complete repaint 2009 Black Diamond Tricoat Paint job
Custom smoked (painted tint) Front Grille upper and lower, Caddy emblems front and rear Tail Lights and reverse lights.
The idea behind the build was just to take what gm already did an amazing job on and just improve on it, The mid result is what you see here, Future plans include Blower, Coils or airbags, Luxury Abstract Jungo wheels with Copper accents Custom hood, and around 800 HP built LS motor.

Bought and am in the process of modifying this baby (had it 2 years this month) Progress is slow as house and RL have taken a primary focus on my life moreso than building cars
10668860_711662025591571_2758052098481594413_o.jpg (344k)
10497382_697116077031580_8260443989707087116_o.jpg (49k)

watch for flying sparks!!!

Re: What i've been up to
Tuesday, January 06, 2015 4:05 AM
Lots great....and hows the cav? Do you still own it?

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