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Emanage Additional Injection problems
Friday, March 18, 2005 5:42 AM
Ok, so in another post a few of us were talking about how the emanage thinks it's seeing 100% duty cycle in the higher RPM's when we know it really isn't. So hopefully everyone that's using the emanage with the injector harness can give there input here.

My setup is......
Emanage with injection and ignition harneses
GMSC 310cc injectors

Now what is happening is at higher RPM say 5300 the stock injector pulse is at 6.2ms which is fine and if i calculated it right comes out to about 30% duty cycle. But for some strange reason (this is what were trying to figure out) the emanage thinks your injectors are at 100% when you know that they are not. These numbers are just educated guesses, I'm going to go through the actual data tonight and see if I can make some headway. Anyone have any ideas?

Please If you don't either own or have an emanage and you don't have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to say refrain from posting. We don't need any "well the emanage was designed for imports and your car is a domestic" comments. Import or domestic our cars are designed around the same systems as cars that the emanage WAS designed for, and it is possible to make it work!!!

Thanks guys as soon as i know anything I'll be sure to post it up. Ooh does anyone know where i can find a detailed map of all the different main unit switch settings? not the one in the manual that liset like 6 different cars. I'm looking for what each dial does and what cars it applies to IN DETAIL.

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Re: Emanage Additional Injection problems
Friday, March 18, 2005 6:00 AM
I'll check mine sometime this weekend as well. If we have to, "Heraiz" on AIM is the owner of mohdparts.com. He knows a ton about the e-manage and we can use his advice to see if he has any input on the issue.

Personally, I don't think it's an issue unless the 6.2ms pulse width is the absolute maximum you'll see. If you add injection to your fuel map, does the pulse get longer even though the duty still says 100%? If so, then there's no problem. It's just that the duty cycle calculation is screwed up on the e-manage. I can live with that

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Re: Emanage Additional Injection problems
Friday, March 18, 2005 6:44 AM
Yea, we'll have to see. And I agree with you, if the emanage thought it was at 100% but continued to add fuel anyway I'd just ignore it too, but unfortunately that's not the case. I'll have to datalog a little more and export it, but basicly you can watch it adding fuel up until the point where they hit "100%" then the injector in and out signals are = even though I am adding 50% in the additional injection map.

On my wideband I can watch where it cuts out too, I'll be running solid 13.0-13.5 then I hit that point and my AFR jumps to 14.5 and holds at 14.5 all the way to redline. Funny thing is I'm getting a little bit of boost creep (about 3psi above normal boost) and it dosn't lean out any worse than 14.5 even when the boost creeps all the way up. But that's a different issue I already know how to fix, just haven't gotten around to it yet..

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Re: Emanage Additional Injection problems
Thursday, March 24, 2005 7:40 AM
Ok heres what I know so far. I'm using the autotap scan tool for ECU readings just as an FYI. During idle the factor ECU is reporting a pulse time of 2.87 to 2.91ms and an idle rpm of 950 rpm. Now calculating this out i come up with a duty cycle of about 2.3%

Now on to the emanage side of things same idle conditions of 950 rpm the emanage is reporting a PW of 3.0-3.1ms. So 2.91 and 3.1 are close enough that the duty cycle percentage should be within at least 1% of each other. When you run the emanage data calculations you come up with 2.45%..... Ok 2.3 and 2.45 that's close enough for me.

Now heres the fun part the emanage is reporting a duty cycle percentage of between 4% and 5% it bounces back and fourth obviously as engine rpm isn't perfect 950 all the time.

So this is the basics of where I'm at right now. I still have to "hire" a driver this weekend so i can watch the stuff and get a better idea what's happening under load at the higher end of the spectrum.


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Re: Emanage Additional Injection problems
Thursday, March 24, 2005 10:41 AM
Here is my input, but the problem is Intermittent. So it is confusing. To be honest I havent really seen this problem in a while it comes and goes. It may just be a bug.

As RPM increases the actual amount of time for injector pulse duration decreases.
We will just use a redline RPM of 6500 for an example. At 6500 Rpm it takes the engine 9.23 milli seconds to complete one revolution. We will just say for example that the stock injector duty cycle 6.2 msec. 9.23-6.2=3.03msec. This is the margin for additional fuel injector duration. The available increase in percentage would be 9.23devided by 6.2 minus 1 equals .49, 49% injector duty cycle increase to ge to 100%.

Since we have a 4 cycle engne there is only one intake stroke every 2 revolutions. So we actually have double the time for the injector to be open. 18.46 msec for the injector to be open at 100%. We clearly don't need all of this time with larger injectors. That is why I am confused. If it was a bank fired injection system rather than a sequential system it would make more sense. I think the e-manage is seeing the value of time 9.23 msec the amount of time to work in rather than the full 18.46msec. But like I said I am confused because it is random. Some times the numbers are more reallistic and some times they are way out in flippin outer space.

This is just theory and thinking out loud, Maybe some one else can add to it for us to come up with a solution.
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