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reflash for custom build
Sunday, July 15, 2012 9:13 AM
Looking for some info since I have some quick questions. I did a custom build on my 98 rs. Lost the head gasket on a road trip and warped the head so I decided to do a complete upgrade on her. Running an 03 ls sport interior harness w/ an 02 engine wiring harness (firewall mount ecu) that was custom built to delete the abs bs and to swap for the manual. I have an 01 2200 w/ the F23 but I cannot find an ecu for a manual w/out abs but has every other option. Currently using an auto ecu but the car has zero power and gas mileage is around 20-22 depending on if I'm using a/c or not. The only guy I can find to do the reflash has only worked on 1 J before and doesn't have the slightest clue on how to delete the abs, clear the tranny tables, and bump the preset values for something a little "faster than stock". He wants 2 for the reflash but I have to find the vin and wants to change by the hr to tune. Am I being taken or is this a fair price? I have a spare ecu for an 02 fire I could send out if someone would be willing to tune it for me. GM wont touch the car and apperently I'm God since they said the car shouldn't run and that that ecu was only made for the ECOs even though my harness came off a 2200 and both ecus have 8 digit 4 for their factory program according to my error code reader. Any info would be great and I do apologize if there is already a tread on this but I searched and this is a little different setup than most.

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Re: reflash for custom build
Monday, July 16, 2012 9:51 AM
have you looked threw the hptuners tune repository? all he really needs to do is change the vin to a 2002 vin that doesnt have abs.
if not look on and just try and find a car with the options you need/want.

hptuners is 100 bucks to tune one vehicle, 200 to change the vin. thats cost on credits, so that part seems fair. Most guys tune by the hour which also seems fair too.
Re: reflash for custom build
Monday, July 16, 2012 11:23 AM
You cannot delete the ABS with HPTuners. Only a GM Tech II can.

You do not clear the transmission tables. I would download a stock file for a 5 speed and compare the files. I know a lot of people have turned off the DTC codes and been good to go.

No dealer will even look at anything.

Someone with HPTuners is going to probably have to pay for at least two credits. Each credit is $100. Someone might be able to finagle something, but I think your'll still have to pay for two credits. You have yourself quite a bastard.

I know the 2200 and LD9 computer is the same for some idea on ecos to LD9/2200 computers.....

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