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ECU Swap advice
Wednesday, May 03, 2006 8:14 PM
Long time reader...I think this is my first post...looked but can't really find what I'm looking for...

I have been working on a project car since October of last year, the body look is complete, the cosmetic mods are being finished off as we speak and then its my turn.

Car is a 96 cavalier with 170k on the body. Engine is the 96 2.2l block that's been cleaned and all that other fun stuff. Race head with all performance internals able to handle easily 1000+ hp (no don't want to hit that high). Tranny is an Auto 3 speed/OD that has been reinforced. Long story short, everything has been changed to handle the realistic goal of 280 - 300 whp (yes with boost, full garrett setup w/FMIC). Now for the question, now that you have a brief background of the car.

I need to obviously manage some ECU functions which the HPT software will NOT do on the 96 ECU according to Chris at HPT...

To swap if with a 97, is it simply a matter of matching the wiring at the connector level at the ECU between the 2 ECUs and voila, all done or is there something I'm overlooking...also, is there another year ECU that would be better?

Thanks for any input.

Re: ECU Swap advice
Wednesday, May 03, 2006 8:20 PM
Yeah, its pretty much re-pinning the wiring harness, the only thing you won't hook up is the oil level sensor (was only in the 96 model year). - Information Source For 4 Cylinder Tuners
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Re: ECU Swap advice
Wednesday, May 03, 2006 8:42 PM
Alright, thanks man...I'll be sure to post up some slips pics and vids as soon as this project is complete....prolly end of the month...then its off to the next one...91 Supra Targa Turbo...yay.
Re: ECU Swap advice
Friday, May 19, 2006 1:28 AM
Louis, before you do your ecm swap what ecm are you going to use. If your going aem or aftermarket not a problem, if your not look into the 16196395 and my odb1 project. That ecm is 0D and we have a full tuning map for it.
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