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side mirror springs
Wednesday, September 07, 2016 8:50 AM

Does anyone know if you can buy / replace the two springs that hold on the driver side and passenger side mirrors? I have a 2001 Cavalier and one of the two (the bottom on each side) have broken and disappeared and now only 1 - the top one on each - is the only thing holding each mirror on the car. I just assumed that you could buy the springs, but so far I can't find anything online about it. The mirrors are in perfect condition other than the spring, so it would be really dumb to buy a whole new mirror. Has anyone else had this issue? If so what did you do........can you rig some other solution to keep them from falling off?


Re: side mirror springs
Wednesday, September 07, 2016 12:38 PM
I have had that same issue on my 99 Cav for over 3 years and it has not fallen off yet. I think the plastic attachment point for the lower spring is what broke on mine. If I was super extra motivated to fix it though I would just hit up a local salvage yard. We are at "Peak Cavalier" right now for 2000-2005 Cavs and past peak Cav for 95-99 Cavs here in the Mid-Atlantic. I'm not sure but there may not even be a difference at all for sideview mirrors amongst the entire 3rd gen range of years. The whole mirror assembly is easy to change, you just remove the interior cover triangle screw and loosen up maybe 3 nuts and the whole thing comes right off - that is it. Easy swap.

While we are on the subject of sideview mirrors, does anyone know if it is possible to add a manual adjust arm to facilitate easier "windows up" adjustment of the passenger sideview mirror from inside the car. Note: this is for manual adjust and NOT for power mirrors. Would we need to find a Toyota Cavalier with manual mirrors to pull this off? I always hate having to roll down the window to do this. An interior manipulating rod like my one for the driver's side would shorten the reach across and would be sweet!.

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