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Re: F&F
Monday, February 14, 2005 8:26 AM on j-body.org
It seems that every time a topic like this shows up EVERYONE was into the racing scene before the movies ever came out !! Yet some people were not even old enough to drive, yet they had been street racing for years before hand blah blah....

and then there is the one's who say they don't street race when obviously they really do.

I realize SOME people are realistic and only race at the track but to be honest I am pretty sure the majority here do street race.

I even used to... then I grew up.

Steve Hill wrote:

It's the same crap around where I live. All I have on my Cavalier is an intake and cat-back exhaust and it's lowered with wider tires (Toyos) but I still drive like a normal person on the road. What pisses me off is that these little asshats in their gh3y Civics fly down the roads bouncing with their cut stock springs doing like 90 weaving in and out of traffic, yet I'M the one getting pulled over just cause my car is two different colors right now (I seriously got pulled over one night by a cop cause he said he had reason to believe I stole the front end off of another car since my 04 front clip is white and the rest of my 99 Z24 is black). Plus the little Civic drivers get pissed off if I don't race them at a light so they go and try hassling me on the road (tailgating me, high beams when they're behind me, etc.).

I absolutely HATE TFATF and it's metrosexual cousin 2F2F. Those movies IMO single-handedly killed the entire racing world. It's all about the companies marketing to the younger generation and all just to make a dollar because it's the "in-thing" to do now. Hell, even McDonald's got into the whole "tuner scene" by having "a bunch of homies chilling on their tyte rides over a Big Mac". It's sad really. I was into the whole racing thing before TFATF came out and now everyone tells me that I'm a poser or some BS just cause I drive a modified car. If I ever meet the person who came up with the idea for making TFATF movies I will seriously kick the living crap out of them.

what does being lowered "with wider tires (Toyos)" have anything to do with this?

taken from your registry

Birthday: January 28, 1986

About Me: I like to drive my Cavvy and do some street racing (not a hardcore street racer but I'll race if challenged at a light).

This means that you were only 15 when the first movie came out... I am calling BS on you and you ARE a poser with your ugly slow cavalier.

Also companies are marketing that way because IT MAKES THEM MONEY... not because it's the "in-thing" to do.

GROW UP people... they are movies and were made to entertain and make money. Sure there are good AND bad things it did to the tuner scene, but I think what's worse is everyone claiming for them to be bad and ranting about all the things they ruined.... when they probably would not be buying thier ugly body kits and loud mufflers if the movie didnt come out.

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Re: F&F
Monday, February 14, 2005 9:54 AM on j-body.org
^^ I thought I heard a bitch slap a few minutes ago...


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