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Re: Drunk driving = wrist slap?
Wednesday, February 02, 2005 11:15 PM on j-body.org
Seriously, your post is a misinformed rant, period. You do not know a single fact about what you are talking about, making any argument you have baseless and ignorant.

Re: Drunk driving = wrist slap?
Thursday, February 03, 2005 4:30 AM on j-body.org
He means that you cannot die from THC toxisity. The leathal does is 40 000 times the normal dose, IE: you have to smoke a dump-truck full in one sitting in order for the THC levels to become toxic. Allergic reactions etc. aside. Peanuts are fully leagal and available for sale to minors. In this regard, they are more dangerous.

Those who started with pot and moved on to "hard" drugs would have used something else if pot was unavailable. Gateway theory is BS. Many studies have shown that those addicted to harder drugs would have had that tendancy without pot's influence. The real factor is the Cannabis is for sale on the blackmarket only, meaning that you exposure to hard drugs in increased dramaticly because of the way cannabis must be aquired. Put it into liquor stores and watch the crossover fade. Some will still head for the hard stuff, but less exposure should mean less problems in that regard.

Traffic studies in New Zealand revieled that those impared by cannabinoids are less likely to get into an accident than people who are not impared. In every case on record there, the THC impared person involved in an accident was a victom of someone who was alcohol impared or not impared at all. They desided not to raise the issue in parlement. They were hoping to find evidence to support prohibition. What they found was inconclusive, but there was no corelation to increase traffic accidents, or in the severity of those accidents. Also interesting, in another study people who were impared by THC were unwilling to drive when compaired to alcohol impared persons.

Prohibition isn't working, so, we had better seriously consider regulation. If the govenment was to collect tax on the sale of cannabis the money could be directed toward traffic enforcement (reducing all form of impared driving) and healthcare (for treatment programs and the like). The fact is, people are not going to stop using it. It is less harmfull than alcohol or cigarettes (both legal), and jails are filling up with people who's only crime was possession of a plant. Of course there are criminals associated with the trade of cannabis, but that is because of prohibition, not the inherit nature of the substance. Humans have uses Hemp and cannabinoids for over 30 000 years, prohibition (for the last 60 years or so only PS) cannot change that.

There are THC specific receptors on the brain. Either our brains were designed for it or they evolved that way, but there are only two plants in the world that produce anything that will attach to those recptors, cannabis, and Artemesia Absinthium, both banned in the US. Absith is leagal in most of the world.

We miss out on fantastic products as a result of prohibition. Food, clothing, and many fibre glass like materials can be produced from the plant fibre and seeds (oils that can be used in petrolium applications as well). Paper production is 4 times that of the yeild from trees and can be regrown in one season. This is an evironmental failure as well.

Re: Drunk driving = wrist slap?
Thursday, February 03, 2005 7:50 PM on j-body.org
The funny thing here is i've never smoked weed!!! And don't plan on it ever, I don't even smoke cigarettes...I'm practically too much of a lazy burn out as it is I don't need weed on top of it...Most ppl I know have smoked weed at least once, a lot of them just do'n't like it they'd rather booze it up and smoke cigarettes...BELIEVE ME A DRUNK IS A LOT MORE FUN THAN A POT HEAD!!!!

I was in jail for the longest 5 hours of my life for this dui, and i woulda went to county if my mom didn't bail me out i sure as hell didn't have the money, and i don't know when the hell i'll be getting my license back plus 750 bux in fines and a some alcohol conseling and a drunk driver impact panel...all togather it's probably gonna cost me around 1500 bux plus if i break any more laws or screw up w/ alcohol in the next two yrs i'm screwed so i think it's a LITTLE more than a slap on the wrist.

MARIJUANA IS JUST AS BAD AS ALCOHOL PLUS IT'S ILLEGAL, and u don't get in that much trouble if ur caught with a small amount of 'personal use' marijuana on the first offense...AND it all depends on the offenders previous criminal record...

Re: Drunk driving = wrist slap?
Friday, February 04, 2005 3:52 AM on j-body.org
Canabis is not as damaging as alcohol. Alcohol is more addictive, causes more violence, and has more ill effects on your health, when abused. Of course one to two drinks can be good for you but the liver damage, brain and kidney damage exceeds the damage caused by canabis when used as an intoxicant.

Alcohol is a depressent and surpresses nerological funcion where canabis is a stimulant and actually speeds up neral response, but also redirects it. The fact is your reaction time is reduced by either drug, but more so by alcohol. Alcohol's long term effects are absolutely nasty, when abused.

Either one in moderation is not going to harm you, but when it comes to abuse, alcohol is far more damaging.

Re: Drunk driving = wrist slap?
Saturday, February 05, 2005 12:41 PM on j-body.org
92sunbirdse wrote:

Shifted (KickAzz) wrote:


Not once in the history of mankind has marijuana been a factor in the death of someone nor has it ever caused and addiction or a disease.

If you don't think people can become addicted to pot, I invite you to meet about half of my adult family (uncles, aunts). If you don't think anybody has died I invite you to talk to my cousin, who's father died as a result of being under the "influence" and on a motorcycle. My cousin was 5 years old at the time, she never got to know her father.

I feel sorry for your cousin, but I'm going to say one more thing and I'm done advocating.
The pot didn't kill him, the accident did. Thats why if it is ever legalized it should be marketed to "responsible adults" like alcohol is, adults who WONT drive under the influence.

so in this logic cigs don't kill people either, the cancer does, getting stabbed in your abdominal aorta doesn't kill you, it's the uncontrolled bleeding and hypovolemia that does it huh?

i don't think weed should be illegal but there are enough rejects out there that do stupid things without being high to keep it illegal. they don't even havre to smoke, it is a good enough reason for lawmakers to easily fight the legalization progress.

think aboot it like this, 99% of us speed, most of that 99% has sped excessively, yet many of us are beyond the point where we do it anymore,but when we do we know there is a chance of getting a ticket. most people that are tokin are not the problem but the same as speedingif you are gonna do it just be ready to deal with it when you get the ticket. just don't do them both at the same time.

Re: Drunk driving = wrist slap?
Saturday, February 05, 2005 12:52 PM on j-body.org
I was keep fallowing this thread but I thought it got deleted I guess they just moved it the war forum, I don't think I'm been in here before.

anyway yeah surpossidly in illinois they are just gonna make it a fine for possesion of marajuana cause its more cost affective to colect fines then to go after the weed movement in full

Re: Drunk driving = wrist slap?
Monday, February 07, 2005 4:24 AM on j-body.org
There is a difference between being a factor, and being the cause of death. A drunk driver dies of head injuries (for example) where alcohol was a factor in the accident. There the alcohol was not the cause of death, but the stupidity it caused lead to the accident. The same could be said for canabis.

What cannot be said for canabis is that someone injested a toxic amount, or abused it so much that it reached toxic levels. Alcohol kills in this manner on a daily basis, in fact I just read a rather odd news article about a guy who dies from a sherry enema, if you can believe it. Apparently he had a medical condition that made drinking alcohol impossible (stomach ulcers or something) so he wife gave him enemas of booze to get him drunk. This time they found that two 1.5 litre bottles of sherry was too much, and he died of alcohol poisoning. Nice eh?

Re: Drunk driving = wrist slap?
Friday, February 25, 2005 6:08 PM on j-body.org
i can agree that pot dosent impare you as dramatically as booze.... pot makes you paranoid, therefore when you drive you tend to go slower, and pay more attention to your surroundings, but at the same time people still have died in pot related accidents...

1996 Charleston SC, a few guys in a lowrider truck smoking pot, lost control slid down into the median at about 70 mph, hit the center guard rail at a start point, split the truck in 2 parts at the bed/cab joint, threw the driver into a semi. needless to say hes dead.
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