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Re: ADD, ADHD. BIPOLAR. etc. Bogus or real?
Saturday, October 03, 2009 3:44 PM on
deuce_coupe_cavy wrote:

So you're saying that you don't believe it's a real disorder because it's all in our heads? Ok well even though you said in your other post that torrets is a "REAL" disorder, I don't think it is because people who have it should be able to control themselves from those random outbursts. And you can't argue with that because it's the exact same thing you said to me.

And the whole idea of people not "just dealing with it" like they did in the 40's and 50's is ridiculous to me, and it makes so much sense too. Back then if you showed severe symptoms you wouldn't be as likely to overcome them with will power, as you would just drop out of high school. You could easily make as good of a living as someone who only graduated high school... and nobody believed you had to have a college education (or tech school, internship, etc...), in order to have a shot at being a success. Mom probably stayed home and a lot of dads probably worked at factories or did other kinds of manual labor. But the money was good enough to have a nice cozy little life, and it was a very respectable thing to work your ass off everyday like they would. But you know what people believe today? "You better go to college and get an education or you'll end up working at a factory your whole life." Reallistically speaking, if you don't get some sort of education or certification after highs school, you're gonna have a hell of a time finding work. Oh yeah sure there's the experience factor and some people have done a job for 15 years, so employers will look at them if they don't have a degree (if they're lucky). And if you don't graduate high school or get a G.E.D., you're @!#$. The saying about not having an education, and flipping bugers at mcdonalds is very very relevant to the way the word is today. It's not fair but it's how things are.

My point? In 1950, the boy with a genuine case of ADD might of performed poorly in school, but even by dropping out of high school in a worst case scenario it would mostly be a setback. In 2010 the boy with ADD can't ignore his problems in school anymore, because if he doesn't get a college diploma nobody will want to hire him someday.

I should probably rephrase myself... Im not saying they arnt real in the sense that they are just completely made up.... I mean that its really unfiar to call them a disorder.. Is never getting locked out of your car or house a disorder just because your OCD tendencies tend to make you check for your keys all the time? "Disorder" just sounds like a strong word to me because it implies that there is something wrong with you.... instead of just saying you think differently or are different,being good or bad. As for the kid that doesnt graduate because of ADD... thats BS... if the kid is smart enough he will graduate regardless.... and why the hell do people think every one should graduate? If your do god damn stupid too do something.... than you shouldnt..... its called natural selection..... ideas like this is why we have Retards as CEO's in companies... what ever happened to just letting people fail?

As for your living in the 50's example..... you pretty much described my life now LOL Although I went to college, I dont use it and I do work in a factory now.... and believe it or not... I do make enough money to live a happy little cozy life.... and I dont mind my job at all although I have worked hard for everything I have.... Yes I wish I was making six figures doing what I went to school for sometimes.... but the fact im not doesnt mean my life sucks.... theres a lot more out there than you might think and living in the way you mentioned only doesnt still happen, it is quite common (most people still live in that world).

This "you better go to college and get a good job" mentality further reinforces what Im saying about our society when it comes to these drugs...

Not being anything other than perfect is just not acceptable anymore.... You have to go to college, you have to fit in, its just all BS... All that does is flood the pool and screw things up.... you end up having people going to college that really shouldnt be and getting jobs they suck at because mommy and daddy had enough to send them while genuine smart people that Are really good at what they do either cant go or when they do cant find a job in the field because its filled with idiots already.. I have enough college credits from all this damn schooling that Im sure I could get a bachelors degree in something if I just applied for it... but I still know it would be pointless.... I have the same education as the CEO's in the company I work for, but I'm a blue collar person with a blue collar personality and always will be..

I know quite a few people that think they have to reach for the highest levels of achievement because its been reinforced into them that they will be a looser if they dont make it there.. while working hard isnt a bad thing.... people are way to obsessed with status, wealth, and power. Be happy with who the hell you are, stop worrying about how nice a car you drive, how big your TV is, or if you day dream too much, and lust f-ing live life.

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