Ryan Smith


Location: Kingston, Ontario
Joined: Saturday, November 13, 2004
Last Update: Sunday, March 27, 2005

Email: typo5@hotmail.com
Web Page: http://members.sounddomain.com/dwn_dak

 1988 Dodge Dakota Truck - Red
 1994 Hyundai S-coupe Coupe - Milano Red

Birthday: June 17, 1983
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Long Term Relationship
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Education: Some College
Occupation: Tire Technician
About Me:  My name is Ryan and I enjoy everythin to do with cars and aftermarket parts. I love to build and customize, its all fun and challenging. Keeps me busy in my spare time.

Hobbies/Interests:  Building, customizing anythin and everythin with 4 wheels and a engine, intrest's mostly Dodge trucks, sum import cars, cruising, road trips, casino, beer, southern comfort.

What's New:  Currently building a V6 twin turbo to put into my bagged Dakota, including fully independant rear suspension, Z06 rear drivetrain, possibly upgrading to 20 inch wheels from 18".. lots of interior work.. thats about all.. Check http://members.sounddomain.com/dwn_dak .... often for updates.

Favorite Quote:  Life Begin's At 0 psi

Dream Car: 2004 Dodge Ram Hemi Sport

Favorite Links:  http://members.sounddomain.com/dwn_dak