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Location: roanoke
Joined: Thursday, July 18, 2002
Last Update: Thursday, June 22, 2006


 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe - Silver , and two shades of primer

Birthday: August 29, 1969
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Education: Some College
About Me:  I am more of the old school car buff , I have worked around cars all my life . I love the smell of nitro methane , and tires smoking . If you are going to build something then build it to dominate everything else is what I believe in .
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Hobbies/Interests:  cars , computers , and making money .There are other things that I do enjoy doing and take an interest in but I just don't feel like delving into them right now .

What's New:  11/08/02 I started buying parts to preform the V6 swap on my Cavalier . Most of the time has been spent doing the research and finding which cars would have the parts I would need for my swap .

7/3/03 today the engine ws installed into the car . I don't see what the problem is with people thinking the V6 swap is very hard . Once you locate the parts needed to do a swap and get them , it is not any different than dropping a 4 cylinder into the car . Minus the removal of the upper mounting bracket and replacing it with a new mounting bracket that you need to make . But now the motor is in the car and I am ready for the next stepof the install which is the wiring of the car and engine . Of course I have been giving this some considerable thought and I know I can do it but it is also 4th of July weekend and I may take abrwak since I have finished the major part of my install .

11/11/03 Now have my webpage up and running . Boy this makes it easier than trying to find room in this registry for the extra pic.s . Also the car is about finiahed . I am waiting on some hoses to get back from the shop right now . I also have the fuel rail to finish , and remodify the upper intake because of some unforeseen problems with the new system I am using . Once the fuel rail and hoses are installed I can fire up the electronics and begin setting some of the engine setting for the base settings .
06/17/06 the car has fired up . It runs a little rough but the problems are in the timing . I am going to re-check the alignment of the trigger wheel and the rotation of the engine to make sure the mag sensor is in the right position . Morse updates to come as I get futher into the tuning the TEC3

Favorite Quote:  Any true street rodder will make things work when they are not suppose to

Dream Car: to finish my car

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