Chris Gayman


Location: Lancaster PA
Joined: Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Last Update: Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Email: unlisted

 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe - (SOLD!) Green-Purple Chameleon
 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe - Silver

Birthday: June 7, 1988
Gender: Male
Marital Status: No Comment
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Education: High School
Occupation: part time kitchen work
About Me:  I am a 17 year old high school new to the car scene. All the money i earn goes into buying stuff for my car and i am enjoying every moment of it.

Hobbies/Interests:  Cars, R/C Gas powered Airplanes/Helicopters

Favorite Quote:  Courage is not always marked by a loud roar, but sometimes saying quietly at the end of the day, I will try again tomorrow.

Dream Car: 2005 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

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