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About Me:  i just recently(2-3-14) bought a 2000 cavalier Z24, was in some rough condition. The cluster/stereo dash unit was cracked, and broken all to pieces. The floor, a terrible mess of leaves and dirt and dust....and pennies. so many pennies everywhere. I cleaned it up enough to tolerate as i had to tear into many things to fix them correctly. The kid before me i swear, had no patience and no common sense, as i tore in the stereo wiring, (which would stay on with the keys off, and was no trouble sliding the unit out because of the broke dash piece) i found that the trigger wire and constant were tied together with the constant on the stock wiring harness. so i fixed that by running a trigger wire to the fuse box on the drivers side, plugged into the wipers lol. and constant on constant. well then the radio would always reset, and i couldnt figure it out what so ever. being i got the diagram and how to wire it offline and couldnt find any fixes. i went to ABC warehouse. they have always been kind enough to help me out with my car audio troubles. i was told to switch the trigger wire; that is wired to the fuse box and wire the constant on the stereo to the fuse box. then the trigger wire on the stereo; to the constant on the wiring harness for the car, and worked perfect. i've also already found out how easily it is to break the power steering pumps on these cars lol. didnt take long to replace though, just a quick way to blow 65 dollars. But now im on to my next trouble, i had a shifter cable snap on me on 2/22/14. i tore into it today the 23rd. and was able to get the cables out with farely not a whole lot of trouble, move the cheap cold air intake and a few wires out of the way, disconnected them off the transmission and off of a little bracket aswell (which gave us the most trouble, and is probably easier to take off with the cables still attached, then re-mount onto the engine when cables are detached) then go inside the car, pull the center counsel, 5 or 6 bolts something like that. then the plastic cover up by the foot pedals 4 bolts and they clip together likes halves by 2 clips. pull the carpet up, detach the 2 cables from the shifter and pull them through the floor. there should be rubber seals on the body both in and out of the car but, the idiot kid before me put one on backwards and broke the other and decided not to put it back on -.-
anyways. tomorrow i will be going to a dealer because auto zone and o reilly's does not have them in their data base.
it is deffinetly a project car, maybe a bit more than i wanted but, blood sweat and tears make a good car if you ask me. and im a do it yourselfer. im glad i found this site so you guys can enjoy the project with me as i go.

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