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How do I swap my 2000+ Cavalier headlights to the 95-style?
If you're looking to install 95-99 projector headlights, here's some info on how to do the swap:

Main Components
95-99 Cavalier Headlights
95-99 Corner Lights
95-99 Front Bumper
95-99 Fenders (recommended) or the Corner Brackets from the fenders
2 x 9005 High Beam Bulbs
2 x 9006 Low Beam Bulbs
2 x 194 Bulbs for turn signals
Wiring Harness from the donor car, or 9005 and 9006 headlights sockets and 194 corner light sockets
Black L shaped bracket for bottom of headlight to slide into...found from Donor Car

Everything Else
Sawzall or Hacksaw
Butt Connectors, Heat shrink tube and Heat gun, Electrical Tape (Soldering is always recommended)
Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter
Wrench and Sockets for: Headlights, Fender(10mm), Splash guards(7mm), Bumper

Getting Started

The first thing is to start getting rid of your 00-02 front bumper and lights. Pop the hood and remove the 2 bolts holding each headlight and pull the them out. Don't forget to unhook the bulbs. Directly behind the headlights is a metal bracket that holds both the headlight and corner light in. It's held in by little screws and needs to be removed. Remember where the front screw is located.

Now it's time to start removing the bumper. Pull the 4 little clips out below the hood latch with a pair of pliers. Next start removing the front splash guards (lots of 7mm screws). Some are located on the bottom of the bumper. Lastly, there are 2 bolts on each side where the tips of the corner lights use to be.

With the bumper off, Test fit your stock or aftermarket 95-99 bumper to your 00-02 car. If it don't fit, you will need to use a hacksaw or sawzall and trim the plastic crush guard. Keep test fitting till it fit's nice.

Wiring the Headlights

Wiring is probably the easiest part of the installation if you know how to connect wires. First off some info on the lights. The 95-99 uses a 2 bulb system. One for highs (9005) and one for lows(9006), with each bulb having a positive and ground (4 total wires on each side). 00+ lights use One bulb, 2 grounds and a positive (3 wires each side). The diagram way down below shows you the schematics as well as colors.

To wire the headlights take the gound low beam wire from your 00' light and connect it to the ground on your 95-99 low beam, then take the ground high beam wire and connect it to the ground on the high beam bulb. Lastly take the constant positive from your 00 and split it into 2 wires. One will run to the posive on the low beam and the other to the positive on the high beam. Repeat for the other side. Thats it, the headlights are wired and the DRL's will still work properly.

The turn signal bulb for your 00' corner light will now become your bumper signal light (plug and play). Now you will need to wire up the 194 socket to go in the new 95-99 corner light. To do this, wire it into your 00' corner light wires. The 2 wire colors on the 194 socket should match up with 2 of the colors on the 00 corner light wires. Now you have blinkers on the corners as well as for the bumper signals.

Moving on

Now it's time to start fitting the new headlights and corner lights in.

**NOTE** The 95-99 corner lights fit onto a bracket that is spot welded to the fender. 00+ cavaliers do not have this bracket. You will need to either drill out the welds and obtain these brackets, or purchase 95-99 fenders with the brackets already on it. 95-99 style fenders will bolt up to 00+ cars. You may need to search for further information on this

Now you will need to put on your new fenders, or mount the bracket assembly for the corner lights. If your using the brackets on your 00 fender, a rivet gun helps. The bracket will slide into the fender. Now you will need to mount the corner lights in using the speed nuts, just like the ones that hold your tail lights in place. They can be found at most auto shops.

Now you will need to install the black "L" shaped plastic piece on both sides which holds the bottom half of the headlight down . It secured in by a small screw and mounts directly behind the headlight where old 00' headlight bracket use to go. The new headlights should go right it. If they don't some minor trimming might be needed ( I had to trim the inside of the bumper a hair). Before securing, don't forget to put in the bulbs.

If everything lines up your lucky. You might need to do some bending on the corner light bracket to make it sit right with the headlights. Now, start fitting your new bumper, It's going to be slightly different setup than on the 00+ bumpers. The bolts that hold the corner of the bumper in place, will now thread through metal clips that attach to the corner bracket. That way it holds both the bumper and bracket solid. Also, depending on the bumper you've installed, you may need to get different splash guards.

With the bumper on, yet some more minor tweaking might be needed such as headlight alignment. If not, then YOUR DONE! My friend and I did this in about 3.5 hours while drinking a beer. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me (located in my registry).

Thanks to KenwoodKav (1dersk8) for the swap info.