Retractable hardtop offers true 2+2 seating

LOS ANGELES – Coupe and hardtop convertible models with true 2+2 seating have joined the G6 sedan to create an entire family of expressive, new Pontiac performers. Pontiac introduced the G6 coupe and G6 convertible at the 2005 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show.

The 2006 Pontiac G6 hardtop convertible offers customers open-air driving, as well as the security and refinement of a coupe. Its Karmann-designed retractable hardtop operates with the touch of single button and takes less than 30 seconds to transform from coupe-like styling to top-down convertible.

Both the coupe and convertible deliver 2+2 seating suitable for four adults. This was enabled by the G6’s class-leading 112.3-inch (2852 mm) wheelbase, which stretches the wheels to the vehicle corners and allows for increased rear-seat legroom.

“The G6 coupe and convertible are uniquely Pontiac vehicles that are great additions to the family started by the G6 sedan,” said Jim Bunnell, Pontiac-GMC general manager. “The G6 coupe delivers outstanding performance and generous interior room, and the G6 is the only hardtop convertible that has room for four adults.”

Both the G6 coupe and G6 convertible will be available in GT and GTP models. The GTPs will feature a 240 horsepwer 3.9L OHV V6 coupled to a 4-speed automatic with manual shift mode or a 6-speed manual in the coupe and sedan models – a package that targets driving enthusiasts.

The coupe and convertible models share the inherent attributes and strengths of the G6 sedan, including four-wheel independent suspension, a driver-oriented interior and a host of refined details. Highlights of the G6 coupe and convertible models include:

A true 2+2

The G6’s rigid, European-designed structure and class-leading 112.3-inch wheelbase is the foundation for the coupe and convertible models. It provides optimum interior space along with excellent ride and handling characteristics. It also enables the G6 lineup’s striking design, including styling for the coupe and convertible models that affords true 2+2 seating for four adults.

Both the coupe and convertible have easy access doors. They’re 6 inches (152.4 mm) longer than the G6 sedan’s front doors and are about 2 or 3 inches longer than doors on most competitors’ coupes. Those extra inches help take the squeeze out of rear seat ingress/egress, and the doors feature special counterweights that provide a lighter feel when opening or closing. Also aiding rear seat access is the front passenger seat, which slides forward when the seatback is released. The driver seat also features a release button that is easily accessible by rear seat occupants.

Once in the rear seat, passengers will find room to stretch. Both the coupe and convertible offer approximately 35 inches (889 mm) of rear legroom. For comparison, the Grand Prix sedan offers 36.5 inches of rear legroom. Headroom, too, is comparable to the G6 sedan, with the rear seat design providing an extra measure of space to accommodate the rake of the roofline.

Compared with the G6 sedan, the coupe and convertible models have all-new body panels rearward of the A-pillars. Large, wraparound tail lamps on both models create a distinct look compared to the G6 sedan. LED-lit Center High Mounted Stop Lamps (CHMSLs) on the coupe and convertible differ from the traditional incandescent bulbs of the sedan’s CHMSL. The coupe’s CHMSL is located at the base of the rear window, while the convertible’s is a wider lamp incorporated into the decklid, creating a distinct design element. And although the roof does not fold up on coupe models, a sunroof is available.

Convertible cues

The G6 hardtop convertible is built on the same platform as the coupe, but was strengthened in key areas to bolster vehicle rigidity. As a result, the G6 hardtop convertible has the same solid ride and precise panel fit as the G6 coupe.

A unique two-piece clamshell-style retractable hardtop was engineered with input from renowned German coachbuilder Karmann. It is the world’s largest retractable hardtop. A long top was necessary to enclose the spacious interior. The top’s backlight is glass with a standard defogger.

A double-hinged trunk lid facilitates stowing the top. It opens like a conventional trunk for cargo storage, but is reverse-hinged to accept the folding hardtop. A hard tonneau cover automatically appears as part of the hardtop retraction process, and there is no visible “stack” when the top is down – it simply disappears into the storage compartment. It operates with the touch of a single button, and the entire process takes less than 30 seconds. When the top is stowed, the trunk still provides 1.8 cubic feet (61 liters) of cargo space. With the top up, trunk capacity increases to 5.8 cubic feet (164 liters).

The door glass for the coupe and convertible automatically indexes (up and down) about 0.25-inch (6 mm) when the doors of the vehicle are opened and closed. This precision feature is more commonly found on upscale European cars, and is an example of the G6’s attention to detail. Additionally, a specially insulated headliner further quiets the raised top. It provides both acoustic and thermal protection. G6 convertibles are subjected to a stringent water test at the assembly plant.


GT models are powered by the 3.5L V-6, which produces 200 horsepower (149 kw) at 4800 rpm with 220 lb.-ft. of torque (302 Nm) at 4400 rpm. The 3500 engine is backed by the Hydra-Matic 4T45-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode.

The exhilarating GTP models are powered by an all-new 3.9L HO V-6, which is rated at 240 horsepower (179 kw) at 5900 rpm with 245 lb.-ft. of torque (339 Nm) at 2800 rpm. It is paired in the standard package with the Hydra-Matic 4T65-E with manual shift mode. It also is available with a six-speed manual transmission in the G6 coupe.

Both powertrains are channeled into a responsive, four-wheel independent suspension system that features MacPherson struts in the front and a four-link design in the rear. Similar to the G6 sedan, the coupe and convertible models are tuned to provide a controlled, sporty ride with reduced body roll during cornering. GTP models are tuned for optimal performance driving, including the use of a hydraulic power steering system.

All coupe and convertible models come with four-wheel disc brakes and four-channel ABS. The enhanced traction system is available on GT and GTP, and Pontiac ’s Dynamic Vehicle Control System is available on GTP models. Seventeen-inch wheels are standard on G6 GT and GTP models, with 18-inch wheels and performance tires available. All G6 convertible models are equipped with 18-inch wheels and tires.

“Whether it’s the coupe or convertible, these cars were designed to perform to the expectations of enthusiast drivers,” said Bunnell. “They’re great because they fit so many of us. Families living in the north can justify even the convertible – there’s room and the top will keep out the elements.”

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Pontiac G6 GT and GTP coupe; GT and GTP hardtop convertible

Body style / driveline:

4-passenger, front-engine, front-drive sedan


3.5L V-6 (GT)
3.9L HO V-6 (GTP)

Horsepower (hp / kw @ rpm):

200 / 149 @ 5800 (3.5L)
240 / 179 @ 5900 (3.9L)

Torque (lb-ft / Nm @ rpm):

220 / 298 @ 3800 (3.5L)
245 / 339 @ 2800 (3.9L)

Projected fuel economy:

GT 3.5 coupe, automatic: 21 / 29
GTP 3.9 coupe, automatic: 18 / 24
GTP 3.9 coupe, manual: 18 / 26
GT 3.5 convertible, automatic: 19 / 29
GTP 3.9 convertible, automatic: 18 / 24


3.5L: Hydra-Matic 4T45-E 4-speed electronic automatic with manual-shift mode

3.9L: Hydra-Matic 4T65-E 4-speed electronic automatic with manual-shift mode (std); six-speed manual (opt, coupe)

Suspension (front):

MacPherson strut with aluminum L-shaped control arms, direct-acting stabilizer bar

Suspension (rear):

four-link independent with twin tube shocks, dual-rate mini-block coil springs (coupe); four-link independent with mono-tube shocks, dual-rate mini-block coil springs (convertible)


rack-and-pinion with electric power assist (GT coupe); rack-and-pinion with hydraulic power assist (convertible models and GTP coupe)


power-assisted vented disc (front); power-assisted solid disc (rear); ABS standard


coupe: 17-in std, 18-in opt
conv: 18-in std

Wheelbase (in / mm):

112.3 / 2852

Overall length (in / mm):

189 / 4802

Overall width (in / mm):

70.6 / 1749

Overall height (in / mm):

57 / 1450

Head room (in / mm):

front: 988 / 38.9
rear: 923 / 36.3
front: 976 / 38.4
rear: 917 / 36.1

Leg room (in / mm):

front: 1073 / 42.2
rear: 910 / 35.8
front: 1073 / 42.2
rear: 869 / 34.2

Shoulder room (in / mm):

front: 1376 / 54.2
rear: 1299 / 51.1
front: 1371 / 54.0
rear: 1137 / 44.8

Hip room (in / mm):

front: 1337 / 52.6
rear: 1267 / 49.9
front: 1337 / 52.6
rear: 1163 / 45.8

Cargo volume (cu ft / L):

coupe: 14 / 397
conv (top up): 5.8 / 61
conv (top down): 1.8 / 164