Vince Carrozza


Location: IUP
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Last Update: Friday, October 26, 2012


1998 Chevrolet Z24

About This Vehicle:

Probably going to be my last personal J-Body project

Body Style: Coupe
Color: Black
Engine: LD9
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Black/Tan
Purchase Date: 12/10
Purchased From: guy I went to school with
Build Date: forever/or until I s

Manufacturer Options

  • All options available-Except sunroof :(


  • approx 7k redline-like that when I got it
  • E3 diamond-fire plugs
  • HD coil boots
  • Pacesetter Header
  • 2.5"cat
  • AP resonator 2.5" 18in long
  • Burnout 2.5" catback
  • Custom Short Ram intake-going to fenderwell soon-possibly front bumper or ram setup?
  • Log style aluminum intake manifold
  • Over-bored 60mm throttle body
  • "secret cams" Couple of Carbon Fiber engine drees up parts
  • 15"x7" Prime Rims with spacers all around
  • Tein suspension-just springs now
  • kyb struts
  • second design strut mount
  • prothane lower control arm bushings
  • Factory
  • top and front black-rest tan
  • led lighting to replace factory bulbs
  • gauge light mods-blue
  • Led in vents
  • Led interior 'neon' kit
  • Led gauge mod-blue
  • 97 Sunfire GT Front Bumper
  • 97 Sunfire GT Sideskirts
  • 97 Sunfire GT fenders/hood
  • visors front and back windows
  • tinted headlights/fog/markers tails various shades of black
  • StreetGlow Led undercar kit
  • Hid Bixenon headlights
  • Xenon strobes
  • Silverstar lighting all around
  • m4 led mirrors
  • Kenwood Excelon mp3 cd player
  • 2 Rockford HX2 12's
  • custom ported enclosure
  • Rockford p1000.1bd amp
  • Rockford Punch interior speakers
  • 200 amp alternator-appropriate wire conversions as well-0 gauge on everything
  • prothane engine mounts-all
  • muncie/getrag hm282 trans
  • Stage 1 clutch
  • trimmed up flywheel
  • F-1 fenders-extreme dimensions-have them
  • Dragon Z bumper-andys auto sport-have it
  • predator hood-extreme dimensions-waiting for it
  • rear bumper--idk cannot find one I like...
  • OEM fuel rail
  • Walbro 255
  • MSD DIS-II maybe might just run coils only
  • Turbo-off my DSM
  • injectors-off my DSM
  • Cams(have)
  • Bottom end Build
  • Head Build