Stephen Clark


Location: Gainesville, Va
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2002 Ford Explorer Limited

About This Vehicle:

Well, i was originally going to buy a 2004 GTO with 6spd manual transmission, but they couldnt sell it to me cause it needed some work done to it and i needed somethin quick. So I was checkin the lot and saw many vehicles... Civics, G6's so on.. a few silverados too but they were above what i had or didnt have what i wanted in them. So i saw this explorer sittin there and decided to take it out for a spin. It drove nice, had a lot of good features like heated seats, dual on. It cost me 13k out the door (then the bank hit me up on I like it so far, and I just bought some Alpine type R's to put in the back, still gotta purchase a deck and amplifier. If I keep it forever, I plan on getting some LED tail lights for it someday too... just gotta work some more overtime. One day, i may get some 20's for it... I dont want anything bigger cause ride comfort gets compomized as you go up. besides i think 20s and a rear leveling kit will make it perfect. Well dont have much else to add to it.

Body Style: SUV
Color: White with light tint to it
Engine: 4.0L V6
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Black leather interior
Purchase Date: Sept/2007
Purchased From: Pontiac Dealership

Manufacturer Options

  • Black Leather interior
  • dual zone climate controls
  • 6 disk in dash CD changer/tuner
  • factory subwoofer
  • heated seats
  • power sunroof
  • 4wd
  • Class II tow package