Kevin George


Location: Northeast Ohio
Joined: Monday, August 8, 2005
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1987 Pontiac Sunbird GT

About This Vehicle:

I bought this car needing engine work and ended up replacing the engine. It came with a new head and turbo, so when the replacement engine blew a head gasket, I put the new parts on. Way too hard to work on!! The car's photo made the Jan/Feb 2005 Issue of Pontiac Enthusiast (pg 59) and again in the July/August issue (pg 16). I guess that ranks as my proudest car moments.

Body Style: Convertible
Color: Black & Blue
Engine: 2.0L I4 SOHC Turbo
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Worn out / Gray
Purchase Date: 03/06/1997
Purchased From: Harvey Morris POCI member
Build Date: 02/18/1987


  • Cone type air filter
  • Dynomax Converter and Cat Back exhaust.
  • Chevy Barreta lace wheels painted black with chrome lug nuts for a 'GTA' look. Goodyear 205/60R 15 Eagle HP's
  • None
  • New top
  • but that's not a mod. Needs paint.
  • None
  • I'm sure a Turbo car is capable of quicker than high 16's
  • low 17's even with just tuning. It's a real dog off the line
  • but it'll change lanes if you punch it at 30-35 if your not hanging on. I'll bet some of you could offer some tuning suggestions.