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1991 Ford Mustang LX

About This Vehicle:

My money pit. Wannabe drag car, fun street car. Fastest pass was a 13.42 at 97 mph. Cut a 1.72 60' on wrinkle wall slicks and stock suspension.

Body Style: Hatchback
Color: Strawberry Metallic
Engine: 5.0
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Scarlet red nastiness
Purchase Date: Aug '07

Manufacturer Options

  • power windows
  • power locks
  • cruise
  • cassette deck w/ 6 speaker 'premium' sound

Quarter Mile Timeslips:
 01:36 PM - 20/Feb/11 - Fayetteville Motorsports Park (13.4263@97.61)


  • 302 with stock heads
  • custom ground cam
  • fuelie stuff pulled and replaced with a Holley 600cfm double pumper and Weiand Stealth dual plane
  • Hedman full length headers w/ 3" piping back to 40 series flows and dumps
  • 1.72:1 roller rockers
  • underdrive
  • ac and smog delete
  • Holley Blue fuel pump with sumped stock tank
  • Stock suspension with 2001 GT springs and no front sway bar
  • Weld Draglites 3.5" fronts and 8" rears.
  • Stock w/sport seats.
  • Stock
  • None
  • Car came from Ford with a T-5 tranny but I broke it. Bought a worked over C4 auto with a B&M street/strip valve body and a 4500 stall converter. Rear end is stock with 3.55 gears. I've done all the work on this car myself.
  • LS1 swap