Cal Tobias


Location: Buffalo NY
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1998 Dodge Neon R/T

About This Vehicle:

my new toy i bought this car from a junk yard for $1100 it needed a hood fender and radiator its a 98 dodge neon R/T 5spd with 40,000 on it, interior is mint and so is paint was a good find and the blue book on it ia around $4000 Ran a best of 15.2 @ 91 w/a 2.4 60ft.(WITH a CAI)

Body Style: Coupe
Color: Red w/ Silver stripes
Engine: 2.0 DOHC
Transmission: Manual
Interior: black
Purchased From: 2060 auto wreckers


  • Msd coil
  • Msd wires
  • removed a/c
  • removed p/s
  • gutted trunk
  • Kirk Long Tube header
  • NO CAT Iceman intake
  • Flowmaster exhaust 2.25" piping
  • Modernperformance 60mm TB
  • Ported/Polished head
  • Ported Intake Manifold to match
  • Afx UDP
  • motor mounts
  • bugger Solid bobble strut
  • Solid engine mounts
  • Mopar Paerformance PCM (7800 redline)
  • 75 shot wet kit
  • and more to come
  • stock 14" r/t wheels
  • Custom R/T embroidered floor mats (compliments of my baby girl)
  • gauge bezel with air/fuel gauge and nitrous presure gauge
  • Pioneer head unit
  • stock 6 speaker stereo
  • 2.4 swap Big cams And high Compression