James Kellough


Location: Montana
Joined: Monday, September 8, 2003
Last Update: Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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Email: james.kellough@gmail.com

2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

About This Vehicle:

A very stock cavalier LS Sedan, nothing stands out about it at the moment, other than it runs perfectly for 140,000+ miles, and has a very clean interior overall.

Body Style: Sedan
Color: Arrival Blue
Engine: 2.2l L61
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Graphite/ Ghey Tan
Purchase Date: 01-12-14
Purchased From: Missoula Car and Truck

Manufacturer Options

  • Fully loaded LS Sedan
  • if only it were an LS Sport....


  • -Someday I'll toss my M62 S/C on it.
  • -idk
  • maybe someday
  • -stock
  • -naw
  • not atm
  • -Crappy Sony Explode Cd player
  • -LSS kit (have from previous car) -Maybe I'll re-purpose my Silver 17's with some black paint and new tires
  • and toss them on for the summer -M62 with all the bells and whistles -Pacesetter Header -re-purpose the 2.5" exhaust from the wrecked 03 LSS -B&M Short throw shifter -Pro Kit/ Tokico D Specs -New stereo -Other odds and ends -HPT tuned