Wade Jarvis


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1998 Jeep Grand Cherkokee 5.9 Limited

About This Vehicle:

This is pretty much my wifes daily driver and our winter vehicle. We chose to sell the Black 2001 Cavalier z24 to buy the Jeep so we had a 4x4 in the winter and so I had something to pull the trailer I haul my quad and dirtbike with. It was an easy decision since my wife always liked Jeep Grand Cherokee's (Her mom had one)and I was crazy about the 5.9 limited ones. (My older brother had one) I am looking forward to running it in the 1/4 mile as soon as the tracks open up in the spring.

Body Style: SUV
Color: Silver
Engine: 5.9 liter
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Dark grey leather
Purchase Date: 05-30-07
Purchased From: My friend/car dealer Eric

Manufacturer Options

  • It has every option. You could not buy a more expensive Jeep in 1998 than this.


  • Magnaflow muffler
  • all stock
  • all stock
  • all stock
  • MTX component speakers
  • 10" sub and amp
  • Intake