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How do I use this thing? How does it work?
To use the chat, simply select a nickname, and optionally set your screen size, then click on "CHAT NOW!". A window will open with the chat program. If you checked the "Remember settings" box, the nickname and screen size that you enter will be stored as a cookie on your computer.
The chat program itself is a Java program. At this time it is only tested to work in Internet Explorer 4 and up and Netscape 3 and up. It has not been tested in other web browsers. If you have problems see below for how to submit a bug.
Why can't I use my username as my nickname?
The chat database does not coincide with the site database. On this system many names have already been registered to other users. Because of this, some names which are registered on this site can not be used in chat. If that is the case simply select a different nickname.
Why provide options for the screen size? Why does text get cut off if I resize the chat window?
Due to a bug in the chat software, resizing of the chat window causes some text to be cut off. In order to provide a work-around for that bug, you have the option to select your screen size before you begin chatting. This will set an "optimal" chat window size for your particular screen setting.
Are there other channels/rooms? How do I change channels?
There are a number of global channels set up. Some of these are more popular then others. The chat system also allows users to set up their own temporary channel. To see a list of currently active public channels, once you are in the chat, type /list. If you would like to go to another channel, type /join #channel. For example, to join the help channel, type /join #jbodyhelp. Please note that all channels begin with a # character.
Why won't the chat window load on my computer?
Sun Microsystems, the creator of Java, and Microsoft, are currently in a feud. Because of this Microsoft no longer supports the Java Virtual Machine for Internet Explorer, and does not have it available for download. If you have a recent install of Internet Explorer or Windows in general, you will need to download the Virtual Machine direct from Sun. You can download the Java Virtual Machine from Sun Microsystems at
Can I use my own IRC chat program to connect to the chat server?
Yes. You can use any standard IRC program and connect to the server '' port 6667. General chat occurs in the channel called #jbo-general. Other channels may be available, and most chat programs can retrieve a list of active channels from the server. Check the documentation on your particular program for more information.
If I have a problem, how do I submit a bug report?
Click on the "CONTACT US" button on the left. From the subject list select "Bug Report" and fill in the approprate details. Please provide us with the following information: operating system, web browser and version.

If you are curious and would like more information on the "inner workings" of the chat server(s) and system(s), read the GME IRC Charter.