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Are there after-market superchargers or turbochargers available?
Most engines on stock internals, i.e. pistons, rods, etc. can only handle about 5-6 PSI of boost from a turbo or supercharger. RSM Racing currently h...
   05-16-2005   Replies: 0
What about adding nitrous?
A 2.4L on stock internals, i.e. pistons, rods, etc. some say only a 75 shot of nitrous <p> There are a number of kits available from Nitrous Ox...
   01-01-2004   Replies: 0
What is better, a turbocharger or supercharger?
It totally depends on what you are going for. Some superchargers are known for excellent reliability (Eaton/Magnuson roots types have been known to la...
   01-24-2005   Replies: 0
How much boost can I run without sacrificing reliability?
Boost is so much more than PSI. Imagine for a moment that you have a box, its 1 cubic foot big (1 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot). One turbo can take 10lbs of...
   01-24-2005   Replies: 0
Will XXXXXX turbocharger/supercharger work on my car?
Normally aspirated cars are not designed to run turbo or superchargers. You will need a custom exhaust manifold for a turbo, and a custom intake manif...
   01-24-2005   Replies: 0
How much boost can I run using the stock fuel system?
It is not recommended that you use any amount of boost on the stock fuel system. The stock system was designed to support a stock engine. Adding more ...
   01-24-2005   Replies: 0


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