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How do I lower my J-body?
The most common reason among most non-racers to lower their car is for the look. True performance enthusiasts want to improve on the handling of their...
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Who makes lowering springs for the J-body?
There are an ever-increasing number of spring choices available for third-gen cars: Apex (1.6" drop) Arospeed (2”) B&G Sport Springs (1.6") Eibach P...
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What about coilovers?
For third gen J-body cars: APC “Next Level” AroSpeed Dropzone Ground Control (three types, and customizable spring rate) HP Racing Mantapart Racer De...
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I installed lowering springs on my car. Now the ride is really harsh/bouncy. Why?
If you didn't change the struts along with the springs, you're going to notice why suspensions are all specially tuned at the factory. The stock stru...
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What about air bags/hydraulic suspension?
There are several different options when it comes to air ride suspension. Most J owners choose strut bags for the front of the car, and air cylinders ...
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This is just something for reference for beginners starting, those who are new to the site, or those whole are lazy and don’t wanna use the search fun...
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