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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Exterior and Interior modifications

Can I swap the front end of my car?
In a word, yes! Under all that sheet metal, lights, bumper, etc, the basic shape of the car (the metal frame rails, etc) is the same between a Cavali...
   01-09-2006   Replies: 0
How do I swap my 2000+ Cavalier headlights to the 95-style?
If you're looking to install 95-99 projector headlights, here's some info on how to do the swap: Main Components 95-99 Cavalier Headlights 95-99 Corn...
   03-05-2008   Replies: 0
Front End Swaps for 3rd Generation J Cars
This is not something to be attempted by someone who doesn't know what their doing. This involves bodywork with removing body panels, electrical wirin...
(not rated)   01-01-2007   Replies: 1