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What is the best size exhaust pipe?
"Best" is such a subjective word, and this is a topic of much debate. It is widely accepted on J-body.org that 2.25" is a suitably-sized exhaust pipin...
   03-18-2006   Replies: 0
Pre-fab or build my own?
Most pre-fabricated kits (RK Sport, Magnaflow, etc) are quite expensive, and this is usually the deciding factor for most tuners. Any good exhaust sho...
   03-18-2006   Replies: 0
How do I make my car sound like a V6 or V8?
Unless your car has a V6 or V8 in it... you don't. Face it, 4-cylinder engines produce less exhaust gases which generate less noise than the larger en...
   03-18-2006   Replies: 0
Dispelling the backpressure myth
Myth: our engines need back-pressure otherwise we lose low-end torque. Not quite. It's true for larger exhaust size we lose low-end power, but it's n...
   11-12-2006   Replies: 0