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Chevy problems -_-
Monday, October 07, 2013 4:45 PM
Hey all, its been almost a year or two since i posted here but ive checked in once in a while to read up what was going on. I've been throwing up the idea of doing a RWD conversion also the idea of doing a single turbo but i simply cannot justify the worth of doing it. I have a 94 cobra sitting around that needs a good build but i actually almost put it on hold so that i can do the work on that cavalier. Does anyone else get this feeling? I love this car to death but to go through all that trouble and then having a stupid problem like a leaky rack and having to drop the subframe in order to fix it bugs me. The rwd conversion is even more of a hassle... much custom work i doubt i can accomplish. I think what i m getting at is the sad point in this cavys life where its just going to get driven until it dies. Ill build the 94 up and keep her. When the day the motor or tranny goes just pulling her out and dumping the shell at my uncles property until i decide for myself. It was a fun as hell car and i learned so much from working on it. Just wish chevy would of made this thing a little easier to work with. Ill include some pictures of the cavy and the 94.
What she started out as, Grandfathers beater

Started to hate the color(after all its not the nicest color to drive as a 18 year old guy)

Plastidipped half of it with 2 coats

Finished the car, Some minor touch up places i need to get to when i feel like it.

Sweet caroline Just so yall can see the paint on her

Heres her before the start of this summer

Here she is as she sits now, Nothing crazy done just a mild cam and exhaust, fixing the things the other guy messed up (guy put a spacer on the intake manifold and then silicone the top portion.

As of right now I'm going to be 21 in the next couple of months, life just pops up on you, the cavaliers just a daily until i get a nice 7.3 powerstroke to daily as i do about 45 to an hour commute to work everyday and for those who live in NY the winter hasn't been too kind lol. Cheers to you all, I'll be on once in a while to see how your projects are going.

P.S does anyone have the link to the guy that put a chevy 350 with RWD conversion? the car was done right, gorgeous gray color and looked somewhat close to stock. I tried to do some searching but i couldn't find it.

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