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Ignition Woes Part 2...
Tuesday, May 06, 2014 2:31 PM
ICM Plug

When I tried to do the 2.2 Swap the same pins got burnt up (Ground and Red/Blk Low Reference [Constant power I believe])

Well, I went to the local Pick A Part and got 2 fresh 2.4 Coilpacks/Cover/ICM assemblies aswell as 4 2.4 female plugs. Wired in the new plug pin by pin and elimated the T-spliced wiring for the 2.2 harness and shrinktubed it all up and wrapped each wire in electrical tape so they wouldn't interfere with each other, hooked the new plug up with butt connectors, put on the new (to me) ignition assembly and bolted it down, with a ground strap that sits under it and under the coilpacks normally like stock. Plugged in the female icm plug, connected the negative terminal on the battery.

Beeeeeeeeeep, Theft lock whine/tone, random fuel pump prime, and the plug shorted/burned out with plenty of white smoke.. quickly got the negative terminal off and let things cool down, Red/Blk and Ground wires were hot and those pins burned up, safe to assume the ICM itself is internally fried due to the sudden heat. I have one extra beyond the original I had in the car that I believe is heat-soaked/gone bad.

Here is the plug that burned up today.

I figure there is a bad ground someplace because I double checked my wiring and it was all fine..

I want some extra input and thoughts on what I plan to do: Wire up another fresh ICM plug, but this time send the Ground/Black wire right to a chassis/frame ground, since it appears the ground isnt working and the red/blk low reference power pin is getting alot of resistance and heating up to thermonuclear levels..

But I wanna make sure this would be a logical thing to do since I only have one last 2.4 ICM and I don't want to burn it up and have to drive down to the junkyard 25 miles away one way in 100*+ Weather..

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