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1997 Sunfire with misfire.
Monday, July 30, 2018 1:58 PM

Seems like a lot of threads on this already. I have tried most of what I have read, so figured I might as well start a new thread.

2.2L engine, about 230K miles on it.

Misfire started a few weeks ago on a very hot day. It is irregular. Sometime the car will run perfect for a while, then start to misfire. When it happens, it sounds like it is firing with the intake valve open.

It ran for a long time with no CE light, it did come on recently but I have not pulled the code yet.

I have a few more things I know I need to check, but so far...

Did a full tuneup. It was due anyway. New wires and plugs. Old plugs looked good.
Replaced the timing chain and gears.
Swapped the ignition module and both coils with USED ones from a junkyard.
Removed entire intake, cleaned, and resealed with new gaskets.

I plan on checking the compression next time I am working on it.. Looking for other things to check. Hoping maybe because this is a common problem, it has a common solution?


Re: 1997 Sunfire with misfire.
Thursday, August 16, 2018 4:07 PM
99% sure 1 or more of your injectors are clogged/drooling fuel. 2.2 OHV has a waste spark system so if there's fuel getting in at the wrong time it'll misfire like that.

I replaced mine a couple years back. Made a world of difference.
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