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Which '95-'02 parts are convertible-specific?
Monday, July 24, 2023 11:45 AM
I own two 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier LS convertibles which I bought new—an automatic for my wife (160k miles) and a stick for myself (95k). Unfortunately my pristine stick recently got totaled in an accident. (Not my fault. I’m OK.) Every exterior light and body-panel (except the doors) was destroyed, and the airbags deployed which cracked the windshield. I bought a 1998 Cavalier Z-24 convertible (74k miles) as a replacement. I am temporarily keeping the wrecked 1996 convertible at my house to scavenge for parts—especially convertible specific parts. (A longer explanation of my saga and decision is at the bottom if anyone cares.)

Other than the following, does anybody know the convertible-specific parts (relative to a 2-door hardtop)?

AFAIK, the convertible-specific, scavengable parts are:
• Anything to do with the roof (like frame, canvas, motors, latches, switches, bow, trim, etc.)
• Anything to do with the doors, inside & out, including the side mirrors.
• Anything to do with the windows (like glass, regulators, motors, and sector gears).
• Front seat belts.
• Weather strips.
• Visors.
• Rear interior side panels (I think).
• Side rocker panels (Not sure, but I’ll pull them and their clips).

Not sure about:
• Dashboard
• Center console
• Front seats
• Back seats

FYI only:
I had hoped to keep both of our 1996 Cavalier LS convertibles for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, while driving to get a smog-test, the highway traffic in front of me suddenly came to a stop for some unknown reason. I stopped too, and then looked in my mirror with horror as the guy behind me hit me at ~50 mph, pushing me ~15 feet into the car in front of me. I looked into buying other convertibles as replacements (Mustang, Camaro, Solara, Audi, BMW, etc.) but that era Cavalier convertible is such a perfect solution for me here in 12-month-convertible-weather Silicon Valley, CA (a true-5-seater that easily fits in my garage and has low-insurance, good reliability, low-repair costs, etc.) So I flew to San Diego and bought the only available Cavalier convertible west of Michigan—a 1998 Z-24 convertible automatic (74k miles). The other guy’s insurance company totaled my car but only offered me $400 more if they kept the wreck for salvage instead of me keeping it. So I kept the car to scavenge—especially for the convertible parts which are difficult to find. (The tires alone were brand new and worth $450.) Then I’ll have it towed to a salvage yard for $100.

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