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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Thursday, July 08, 2004 6:30 PM
in an extremely large displacement motor...

i.e. v-10 in a 7100 pound excursion stock it pulls about 9.5 mpg... yes. NINE miles per gallon

With a full exhaust (headders, cat, muffler) and a Whipple Supercharger he increased up to 11.9 mpg.... towing a 33' camper trailer.

No bullshit.

I'd say yeah exhaust would help your gas mileage.

but then again... don't quote me on that.


Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Friday, July 09, 2004 6:22 AM
since we're one this topic on money saving money and gas.

what kind of gas mileage do you get, but heres the trick
1.) where do you live i.e. hot or cold climate ?
2.) what kind of travel do you have to deal with daily ? (city, hwy both)
3.) do you drive an auto or a stick? 3-4-5 spd?
4.)whats your driving style ? , if you under 25 we'll just assume it fast fast faster, lol j/k.
5.)what engine do you have ? ( j-body only please)
6.) any mild engine mods i/e intake, header, free flow muffler, MSD ?
7.) almost forgot, what is you avg speed on the hwy? ( 55-70-100+ ? )
8.) what is your avg gas mileage not just last week, are you keeping track?

since i made this one I'll start it out, maybe we can come up with a good average here of what we really do outside of a test bed at GM.

1. I'm in Florida so its really hot all year, coldest I have felt in 10 yrs was 55 and it lasted one night.
2. i have both, i try to use the hwy if possible, i hate traffic lights
3, 4 spd auto (miss my stick)
4. I admit it I'm speed freak, i avoid rush hour if possible so i can go faster
5. 2002 2200
6. cold intake 2.5 in pipe, 8mm plug wires, MSD coils
7. 70-80 any slower down here and you'll get run over South Florida is life in the fast lane.
8. 26.4 mpg combined city and hwy


Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 10:35 AM
bong removal helps alot i get right at 400 miles to a tank running around town. <br>

see ya!

Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Sunday, July 18, 2004 3:15 PM
Prices have came down a weee bit. <br>

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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Monday, July 26, 2004 5:27 PM
For those anal drivers who want to squeeze every conceivable MPG out of their car, without regard to the long term consequences or short term convenience, a few more tricks:

1) On highway driving, draft behind an 18-wheeler. If you've got a CB, it's always best to ask permission since this is quite firmly in his blind spot and if he slams on the brakes, you better be on the ball or you're goo.

2) Shift the car into neutral on downhills or when idling. No point keeping load on the engine if it doesn't need it.

3) Weight. The lower the weight, the less energy needed to keep the car cruising. Unless you need 'em, the golf clubs stay at home. This goes for all internal components like chairs and a spare tire. Ditch the steel rims for alloy ones. Besides looking cool they are significantly lighter. Same with CF body styling components.

4) In a manual tranny, shift as soon as the car won't stall into the next gear. This has the added benefit of keeping your driving slow and steady. The idea is to keep the revs as low as possible while still maintaining velocity.

5) Bald tires on dry pavement, with enough grip left that you're not on the belts. This essentially turns them into slicks. Slightly over-inflated but still below the maximum.

6) Wind resistence: at speed, you want to reduce all drag possible on your engine. Replace parasitic items like roof-racks, extra antennae and add-on lights. If you absolutely must have them, consider installing fairing to smooth out the ride.

7) Lean out the fuel mixture. Whether this is by simple expedients like gas-line anti-freeze or more complicated ones like cold air induction and intercoolers doesn't really matter. Leaner fuel = less gas for the bang.

8) Straigten out your corners wherever possible. Keep things smooth and wide and you'll save gas.

There are downsides to all of these suggestions, of course, so use at your own caution.

For the guys that were wondering about $10 fill ups more often, the idea is called "Dollar Cost Averaging". Basically, if you fill up more often you'll be better placed to ride out the cost fluctuations (you may pop $10 in when it's high, but you'll also pop $10 in when it's low: it'll average out to the best rate). With regards to fuel economy, it has the added benefit of keeping your car's weight down.

Hope this helps.

Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Sunday, August 15, 2004 10:44 PM
( ! ) <br>

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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Monday, August 16, 2004 9:49 AM
Mr.Goodwrench-G.T. wrote:( ! )

A result of TSD rally competitions where you get points for fuel consumption. *grin*

Drafting gives you the biggest bang for the buck above, BTW. Oh yeah, don't downshift in a manual tranny either: the higher revs eat gas.

Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Tuesday, August 31, 2004 10:23 AM
And eats clutches as well too^^

Some things I found:

Speeding and rapid starts and stops can reduce gas mileage by up to 33 percent.
Optimum driving speeds are between 35 and 55 mph.
Each 5 mph over 60 mph cuts efficiency by up to 5 percent.
A clean air filter can save up to 10 percent on gas mileage.
Properly inflated tires improve mileage.
Doing several chores during one trip warms the engine and saves gas.
Loaded roof racks increase aerodynamic drag and burn more gasoline


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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Monday, September 06, 2004 6:48 PM
Is this "sticky" loosing it's sticky?


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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Wednesday, September 08, 2004 9:37 AM
keep the A/C off when you dont need it too, I didnt read all post but 1st 2nd and last page didnt have it on there.... I live in Ga 28 MPG combined average, I drive alot of Hwy gas here is only like... 1.54 9/10 so... I dont worry that much with gas <br>

Can you keep up?
Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Thursday, September 09, 2004 1:56 PM
Also changing all your lubricant oils (i.e.- tranny fluid, motor oil etc) to a full synthetic will reduce friction and drag in the engine which will improve fuel economy and free up about 5-8hp in a stock engine more if the enigine is modded. And the other added bonus is since there is less friction in the eingine that will also result longer engine life and more torque to the wheels.


Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Monday, October 04, 2004 10:09 AM
This sticky is loosing it's sticky. ( ? )

A article I found.

Dayna and Ron Laseter noticed an unexpected change after moving from St. Louis to a small Iowa town outside the OmahaCouncil Bluffs metro area.

Their 1999 Buick Century started getting better gas mileage.

"Four or five miles per gallon more than in St. Louis," Dayna Laseter said as she filled up Thursday morning at Buchanan BP Service Center at 50th and Dodge Streets.
The reasons weren't hard to figure out, she said. Instead of racing along at 75 to 80 mph and braking in stop-and-go city traffic, the Laseters are driving in rural Carson, Iowa, and in the lighter traffic of Omaha.
Commercial drivers who climb behind the wheel every day for a living know that driving habits can affect fuel efficiency. And with fuel prices continuing to rise, squeezing the most out of every gallon is on more motorists' minds, Dayna Laseter's included.
"I'm using cruise control, and I'm keeping at the speed limit," she said.
Nance Harris, vice president of the Nebraska Trucking Association, said the cost to consumers goes beyond the hit in the wallet when they fill an empty tank.
"For commercial trucking companies, it's become the industry standard that when fuel prices increase, their rates go up proportionally," she said. "If we all, as users of fuel, don't get a grip on this, we're going to be surprised at what we're paying for a loaf of bread. It will ripple through the economy."
Professional drivers offered recommendations for average motorists, including several that were echoed in the Laseters' experience. Speed is so much a factor, for example, that some trucking companies have policies prohibiting drivers from exceeding 65 mph, even if the speed limit is higher.
Other companies, including the Sarpy County-based Werner Enterprises, take it a bit further.
Every Werner truck is "governed," meaning the truck's fuel injection system is configured so that the truck is incapable of going faster than 65, said Guy Welton, vice president of operations.
"When you get up over 72 to 75 mph in a truck, your miles per gallon goes down greatly," he said.
Fuel costs took 12.2 percent of Werner's overall revenue in the second quarter this year, nearly 2 percent more than the same period last year, he said.

"That does not include our fuel taxes. You could add another 5 to 6 percent of revenues on top of that," Welton said. "This is a very big piece of our operating costs, so we've actively managed it over the years."

Werner also analyzes data from each truck's global-positioning unit and reviews them monthly with the driver. The data can indicate how much time the truck spent idling and other ways fuel is spent.

Average motorists should not accelerate too quickly and not over-rev a vehicle's engine, Welton said. And make sure the vehicle is serviced regularly.

"Normal, preventative maintenance done on schedule will make sure your engine is operating at peak efficiency," he said.
Simply keeping tires properly inflated also will make a difference, said Rose White of AAA Nebraska.
"Improperly inflated tires can reduce efficiency as much as 5 percent," she said.
According to AAA, the national average price of diesel fuel hit another record Thursday at $2.038, and regular unleaded averaged $1.916.
The organization publishes a guidebook of tips on enhancing fuel efficiency, "The Gas Watchers Guidebook," that is available free to the public at any AAA office.
Harris, of the Trucking Association, said that driving in town can reduce gas mileage but that motorists can try to avoid fast starts and stops. More fuel is used during acceleration, she said.
"In stop-and-go or city traffic, a good exercise is to try to pace yourself so you never have to come to a complete stop," Harris said. "Keep a really steady touch on the accelerator."
Dayna Laseter, whose move from St. Louis was prompted by her husband's transfer with Union Pacific Railroad, said she's hoping to see savings beyond the better gas mileage she's getting. She thinks her car's brakes will last longer, too.
With all that stop-and-go traffic, "every two years, we went through a set of brakes."
Tips for vehicle
Keep tires properly inflated. Follow vehicle's maintenance schedule. Check that air and fuel filters are clean. Avoid extended idling. Use air conditioning only when necessary.
Driving tips
Don't speed. Shift properly, and don't race the engine. Avoid hard stops and fast acceleration. Maintain as steady a speed as traffic allows. Use cruise control on highways and Interstates. Plan travel, even around town, to reduce unnecessary side trips. Know where you are going. Sources: Nebraska Trucking Association, Werner Enterprises and AAA Nebraska.

(C) 2004 Omaha World-Herald.


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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Tuesday, October 05, 2004 8:40 AM
I got a wee chuckle out of the suggestion of shifting into neutral when going down hill. My other car is a BMW, and when going down a hill in gear, the computer shuts off the injectors since no gas is needed to keep the engine turning. If you shift into neutral, they come on since the engine will need gas to run. Now before someone laughs this off, it was documented in a technical manual I read years ago and can be seen by the behaviour of the fuel consumption gauge in the car. Now while i have no idea what squirly programming GM did in the J-Bodies, it would only stand to reason they might do the same, since the capability is there with the over rev limiter.
Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Monday, October 18, 2004 7:40 AM
Damn sticky! (?)

New Article

U.S. retail gasoline prices have risen to a near-record $2 a gallon, Reuters reported.

The average cost of a gallon of regular gasoline hit $1.997, according to the AAA motorist group's daily survey, bringing them within reach of the record $2.054 hit in May, and 16 cents higher than a month ago.

Despite these near-record highs, when adjusted for inflation, they are still well below the roughly $3 a gallon peak seen in 1981.

The rise is attributed to a soaring crude oil market, which struck highs near $55 a barrel. Oil prices are up nearly 70 percent this year. Meanwhile, oil demand will expand by 2.71 million barrels per day this year, the fastest rise in 24 years, according to the International Energy Agency.


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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Wednesday, December 08, 2004 9:26 AM
This sticky stuff is a pos, why doesn't it hold?

December 2004

Retail gasoline prices fell to the lowest level since late September, Reuters reported, citing a weekly survey of more than 800 service stations by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The national average pump price for regular unleaded gasoline fell 3.4 cents to $1.911 a gallon, the fifth consecutive week of decline and the lowest average pump price for gasoline since $1.866 a gallon in the week ended Sept. 20.

Despite the recent drop, motorists are still paying an average of 43.5 cents more than a year ago.

The government's weekly retail gasoline report showed the average U.S. pump price was highest on the West Coast, where prices fell 3.7 cents to an average of $2.120 per gallon.

The Gulf Coast region had the cheapest gasoline, dropping 2.9 cents to $1.812 a gallon during the last week, EIA said.

Among the 10 major urban areas highlighted by EIA, Houston pump prices were the cheapest at $1.776 per gallon, down 2.6 cents. The most expensive cities surveyed were San Francisco, where prices fell 5.5 cents to $2.241, and Los Angeles, where prices dropped 3.0 cents to $2.214.

If we continue to lower demand, oil prices will will have to come down eventually, atleasts thats in theory.


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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Wednesday, December 08, 2004 11:18 AM
gotta get Dave a ride to the Home Depot for some Gorilla glue ! <br>

Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Saturday, December 11, 2004 3:54 PM
^LOL @ Cinny^

How come it keeps being sent back? <br>

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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Monday, December 27, 2004 3:50 PM
jbirch wrote:

2) Shift the car into neutral on downhills or when idling. No point keeping load on the engine if it doesn't need it.

I read my car manual and it said to not ride down a hill usuing neutral. I think my book is faulty ...but neutral at idling is A+ <br>

Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Tuesday, December 28, 2004 8:32 PM
Im wondering what you guys are paying for min octane fuel where you guys live.

I live in souther minnesota and if i go to cenex i can get 90 octane for a penny less than 87 octane...go corn gas. <br>

Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Wednesday, December 29, 2004 11:42 AM
^^ Right now for 93 octane I am at $1.97 , but I saw $1.79 for 87 octane.
Ya man gasohol is good wished we used that more, in the states, but I don't see that happening any time soon as Bush is in power, his buisness would go down hill.
New Article:
Retail gasoline prices fell to an average of $1.791 for regular unleaded, Reuters reported, citing the Energy Department.

The drop represented a 2.4-cent fall from the previous week. U.S. retail gasoline prices have declined for eight weeks in a row.

Still, gasoline was slightly more than 31 cents a gallon higher than average U.S. retail prices a year ago, according to the Energy Information Agency.

While retail prices remained the highest on the West Coast, at $1.956 per gallon, that region also experienced the biggest fall in prices, 3.7 cents a gallon, from the previous week, EIA said.


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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Sunday, January 02, 2005 6:13 PM
Wow, I just read all of that for the first time. But this year alone, I have changed my fuel fitler and I was thinking of going back to my stock air box with the K&N filter. I also draft behind tractor trailers, only when my CB is working though Don't want to piss them off.


Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Wednesday, January 12, 2005 10:27 PM
where I live (Invermere Brirish Columbia) we have what is known as MARKED or as we call it pink gas. because it's marked with dye for use only off-road. (boats tractors farm vehicles) It's premium gas and it's typicaly 10 or more cents cheaper than regular gas. we pay 83.9 cents a litre - thats about $2.80 a gallon for the regular gas and the marked is only 69. (because it has no government tax on it) - STICK IT TO THE MAN!

but dude don't get busted in a deparment of trasportation roadblock with marked gas in your tank - it's a huge fine - personally iv'e never been caught and my car hasn't been happier
Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Thursday, January 13, 2005 12:17 PM
Hmm never heard of that one. ^^
Retail gasoline prices increased for the first time in 10 weeks, Reuters reported, citing the Energy Department.

The national pump price for regular unleaded gasoline rose 1.5 cents over the last week to $1.793 a gallon, up 23 cents from a year ago.

The weekly survey from the Energy Information Administration, the Energy Department's analytical arm, showed the retail price for cleaner-burning reformulated gasoline sold in polluted metropolitan areas fell a penny to $1.838 a gallon.

The West Coast had the most expensive regular unleaded gasoline, with the price down 4.1 cents to $1.889 a gallon. Los Angeles was at the top of the agency's survey of cities, with the price of gasoline down 2.9 cents to $1.963 a gallon.

Gulf Coast states had the cheapest fuel, with the price up 2.8 cents to $1.699 per gallon. Among major U.S. cities, Houston had the lowest pump price, with fuel up 1.2 cents to $1.643 a gallon.


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Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Sunday, January 23, 2005 2:58 PM
How often should you change your fuel filter? and will an old fuel filter cause you to get less gas mileage?
Re: TIPS TO SAVE ON GAS!!! (Save some $$)
Monday, January 24, 2005 11:20 AM
^^Jerry about 30-35K miles. Just to be safe. Now if you have a bad habit of running on fumes you may want to do it in less miles. Particles that sunk to the floor of the tank is now stuck on the filter which can cause lots of harm.

New info--------------------------------------------------------

Average retail gasoline prices rose over the last two weeks for the first time in nearly three months and could edge higher, Reuters reported, citing the nationwide Lundberg survey of about 7,000 gas stations.

The national average for self-serve regular unleaded gas was $1.8463 a gallon in the two weeks surveyed through to Jan. 21, up more than 5 cents per gallon from Jan. 7.

Gasoline prices are still more than 19 cents lower per gallon than they were on Oct. 22 but they are nearly 23 cents higher from year-ago levels, according to the survey.

Honolulu saw the highest average price for self-serve regular unleaded gas, at $2.32 per gallon. Cheyenne, Wyoming saw the lowest price $1.70 per gallon.

Gasoline prices had been dropping since the end of October but rising crude oil prices put a stop to the gasoline price decline. "Gasoline prices followed crude up," said survey editor Trilby Lundberg, adding that gasoline prices could edge up, now that January, the lowest gasoline demand month, is nearly over, the story said.


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