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The day has come.
Monday, April 01, 2013 10:41 AM
Hey everyone on friday I finally put my Z24 to rest. She was running fine, but the exhaust broke awhile back and I got a new beast to play with so I didn't really want to spend more money fixing her. I sold her to the junk yard because being strip she wouldn't get much money and the broken exhaust setup along with the broken steering rack wouldn't make her techinically street legal anyways.

It was a fun ride for the past two years, but my new car is in a different category all together and although not as fun it puts a smile on my face. Thank you for all the help from this wonderful forum over the years. The pack rat in me really didn't want let her go especially since she was still running but there's too many cars in the driveway so I had to let her go.

For those that are looking for GOOD parts here is what she has.

Pacesetter Headers 2.75" Collector all the way back (this is where it broke the shop didn't put in a flex pipe and it snapped
2.75" Hi-flow cat emissions tested and passed
2.75" x 28" Thrush Resonator
Walker Quietflow SS muffler

All those have less then 10k miles on them.

Engine - 25K mi ago I put in the following items:
New Stock fuel injectors
New Fuel pump
New Fuel filter
New spark plugs
New Cam Position Sensor
Some Aluminum WAI with a good filter I got from a forum member. (The filter is a Autozone I bought because the one that came with it was...really old)

So I had a spare trans but I sold it to another forum member last summer.
Low and behold just my luck 6 months later my trans blows.
So I had to replaced it with a rebuilt. All gears shift fine.
Has a short throw shifter
New shift cables (a bitch to replace!)
new VSS
used Stage 2 Spec clutch (had 50k+ mi when I put it in)
New Fidanzia aluminum flywheel
Perfection Clutch
Sachs Slave Cylinder
OEM GM trans fluid dipstick

All of the things listed as new have less then 4k mi's on them the rebuilt trans had 35k mi before I put it in mine.

There is nothing in the interior because I had stripped it.

It is a purple 97 Z24 located at the Auto Parts City in Gurnee IL

Take care everyone!

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