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For Sale Posting Rules (Updated 7/30/10)
Thursday, July 29, 2010 5:41 PM
JBO has a long-standing "non-policy" of allowing for-sale threads in the regional forums. What everyone seems to have forgotten is why that policy is in place. It's not that way because the classified system doesn't meet everyone's expectations, or because nobody trusts anyone else. That policy is in place to allow people to locally sell LARGE ITEMS that would be difficult or expensive to ship. This would include body kits or large body parts, wheels, seats, large engine or drivetrain parts, etc.

This set of rules covers pretty much every problem we've had with the current system, as well as parts of that system that have been abused. If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, PLEASE DO NOT post threads about it. Commentary about these rules or about moderators thrown into your for sale thread will get your thread deleted. Either email this account directly or use the Contact Us link in the left menu.

  1. If you can easily put the item into a box and ship it inexpensively, it shouldn't be sold here. Saying "I don't feel like shipping it" does not excuse you from this rule.

  2. If it is an application-specific car part, and that application does not apply to members in this forum, it shouldn't be sold here.

  3. Non-premium members may only have ONE active for sale thread. You may list multiple items in that thread, but all items should be related. For example, multiple parts for a Cavalier are ok, however an intake and a piano are not.

  4. Giveaways are nice, but ads for free parts are still ads, and therefore must comply with these rules.

  5. If you've listed your items on eBay, Craigslist or any other auction or classified site, you're already attracting a large enough audience. Please don't relist those items here by posting links to those sites. This includes posts to do nothing but link to a JBO classified ad.

  6. The moderators will enforce a reasonable time limit on for sale posts. If your item hasn't sold in some time, it most likely won't. This forum is very active; if nobody replies nobody is interested.

  7. If your item(s) sell, please inform a moderator so the thread can be edited or deleted.

  8. Don't bump for sale threads. Threads that get bumped for no reason other than attention will be immediately deleted.

  9. Cross posting is already against the rules; if you cross post your for sale ad to multiple regions, it will be deleted from there as well as here.

  10. Posts that don't follow these guidelines will be either edited or deleted. Listing one part that fits the guidelines doesn't mean you can put a list of items in the thread that don't.

  11. Repeated problems with for sale ads will result in those members not being allowed to list items except in the classifieds.

All these rules also apply, when appropriate, to wanted-to-buy posts.

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