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My Car Officially For Sale
Sunday, May 18, 2014 8:01 AM
I thought I'd post it here first. I know there's barely any traffic here anymore, but figured that this place should really get the first shot at it regardless. It'll be on Craigslist and what not in another month or so.

For sale is my 2001 Pontiac Sunfire with extensive modifications.
118,200 kms, 74,000 miles.
Over 200 hp.

I bought this car new and have done most of the modifications myself so I know this car inside and out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
The first thing you need to know is that this car is heavily modified. If youre not interested in that, then please move on to the next car for sale. This one is simply too far gone to be put back to stock form. Im hoping it will find a buyer that will enjoy it for what it is and be as excited about driving it as Ive been all these years. I spent my 20s building this car and the only reason Im selling is because I want something else and dont have room for both.
If I had a friend with a barn I could store it in, it wouldnt be listed here.

So heres the list of whats been done:

GM Performance Parts M45 supercharger.
Phantom Electric Supercharger (not an eBay scam contact me for details).
62mm throttle body.
RK Sport upper engine mount insert.
RK Sport lower engine mount.
Softer lower mount bushings to absorb vibrations.
Polished and painted IDI cover.
RK Sport copper-beryllium spark boot inserts.
RK Sport 4-1 Header.
2.5" Custom exhaust with Magnaflow high-flow cat, resonator and muffler.
PulleyBoys Qwikchange Hub with 2.7" and 2.6" Pulleys.
Lightened aluminum alternator pulley.

Eibach rear sway bar.
GM OEM strut tower brace.
White 17 Axis Touring Cup Wheels
Ground Control Coilovers.
Custom Eibach springs from Ground Control:
Front: 7" 375 lb.
Rear: 8" 250 lb.
Front Bump Stops from Ground Control.
KONI Special (Red) Dampers.
Custom stiffened rear strut mounts.
Baer 13" front brake kit.
Baer 12" rear disc conversion.
Calipers powder coated red all around.
2-piece Baer Eradispeed rotors all around.
Vibrant Performance rear strut brace.
Front subframe brace.

Painted red console, steering column, vents and trim.
Custom Cooling Fan Bypass Switch.
Custom black/clear climate control knobs.
Brushed aluminum gauge bezel.
Red backlighting for HVAC panel.
Red insert for dome light.
Red MOMO Grand Prix pedals.
Custom red/graphite leather interior.
Seat/back heaters in both front seats.
WeatherTech winter mats.
Custom dyed bright red show mats.
Custom leather sun visors.
Custom recovered dark pewter headliner.
Custom red leather side panels in rear seat area.
MOMO F16 S shift knob.
Custom shortened shifter and reverse lockout.
RKSport Billet Door Inserts.
Customized Trenz Sunfire badges on inside door panels.
Hand-sewn re-wrapped red leather steering wheel.
B&M Short Throw Shifter.
LoTek 3-gauge a-pillar.
Stewart-Warner Performance Boost Gauge.
Stewart-Warner Performance Mech. Oil Pressure gauge.
Stewart-Warner Performance AFR gauge.
Interior trunk release switch mounted behind the glove box door.
95-99 rear deck covering removed child seat anchors.

RK Sport Ram Air Hood.
White Sunfire GT badging on the sides.
Rear bumper "Sunfire" filled in white vinyl.
Locking gas cap.
Painted red mirrors.
Custom "GT" brake light.
Crystal clear front side markers.
95-99 GT clear front turn signals.
RK Sport Sunfire spoiler.
Sunfire SE front bumper.
Custom welded stainless front licence plate bracket.
RK Sport side skirts and front and rear valences.
New 03/04 Z24 paintable door handles painted to match.
Shaved radio antenna.
Carbon fibre Pontiac emblem on front bumper.

Interior window mount amplified AM/FM antenna.

Disabled remote panic buttons.

If you like what you see and you think youll have fun with it, then get in touch. Heres what Im asking

For $7000 you get everything I have that has anything to do with this car. This obviously includes the car, but it also includes the following:
17 x 8 Konig Tantrum wheels finished in gunmetal. I used them as winter wheels.
RK Sport Sunfire coupe exterior door panels. Brand new, unpainted.
Nearly new leather wrapped steering wheel (original to the car).
Various interior parts including a rear shelf, a center console, and a glovebox door.
Brand new, never installed, turbo header with turbo mounting studs. You can sell it, or you can twin charge the car (well triple charge I suppose if you keep the e-blower but that would be insane).
Brand new, never installed Eibach front swaybar kit.
Some tail lights that are partially disassembled that I intended to customize.

And anything else I can find around my garage that was intended for this car.
Alternately, Im willing to let the car go by itself without all the extras for $6000. This also will not include the electric supercharger thats currently installed. It can be completely removed in about 5 minutes.
What you need to know about this car:

It hasn't been e-tested yet but will be soon. I have no reason to believe it won't pass with flying colours like it did last time. Ive never had any mechanical issues with it.

Youll want new tires. The ones on it are very old and should be replaced.

The car probably needs a new clutch in the somewhat near future. Ive never had it slip, but I find the pedal travel to be noticeably longer than Id expect it to be so I figure its near the end of its life.
Finally, there are some perks in buying it from me. I really do love this car and Ill be sad to see it go. With that in mind, I want the next owner to love it as well and I fully realize that not everyone has the same tastes.
I like the track-worthy suspension on it right now, but its definitely an acquired taste and you cant just drive it normally with no regard for things like potholes. Its made up of very high quality parts but if youve never driven a lowered car, you may find you dont like the ride. With that in mind, Ive done the research and found you can get a brand new suspension for under $600 including taxes and shipping here:
If you decide to go that route, I will do the installation for you, 100% free, and this offer will stand for a full year after you buy the car.

On top of that, if you ever have any questions about the things that were done to it, or even just want some guidance on what I think about what you want to do to it next, Ill be more than happy to lend an ear and help out where I can.

Finally, please dont ask me about individual parts. I just dont want to be left with half a car in my garage and would really rather someone have it all and enjoy it. If you buy it, you can part it out and I have little doubt youll make a decent profit in the end. I cant stop you. But Id really rather know that someone is enjoying this car as much as I have. Its got many years of usage in it and Id be happier knowing it lived out its days bringing happiness to someone than to think that it was just stripped down and sold in pieces.

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Re: My Car Officially For Sale
Sunday, May 25, 2014 1:17 PM
Ugh...... I hate this!!! Always one of my favorite cars.

Currently #4 in Ecotec Forced Induction horsepower ratings. 505.8 WHP 414WTQ!!!
Currently 6th quickest Ecotec on the .org -12.453 @ 116.45 MPH!!!

Re: My Car Officially For Sale
Sunday, May 25, 2014 1:59 PM
Roofy wrote:

Ugh...... I hate this!!! Always one of my favorite cars.

Yeah... don't feel too bad for me though. I'm trying to clear up the garage space for something better.

Re: My Car Officially For Sale
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 7:28 PM
I need another sunfire like another hole on the head, however I am interested because this was always my favorite.


Re: My Car Officially For Sale
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 4:46 PM
It's all yours if you want it!! Price is more than reasonable. $5k CAD which is around $4500 USD!

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