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'84 Sunbird Engine Mounts
Monday, August 21, 2017 9:14 AM
Here is a short post regarding the 1984 Sunbird's Engine and Transaxle Mounts I just finished installing this weekend. 90 degree heat - you have to be awfully dedicated to work out in the blazing hot sun turning wrenches like this in your 50's in this day and age......dedicated or a simply a nut.!!

So here is the part numbers I purchased - all of them off of EBay - all of them fit perfectly too. Of course there are war stories involved.

Ok now for some post install comments....

The bolt holes in the 1st dogbone (EM2492A) are a bit larger than the stock ones. However the stock holes are bigger than the stock bolt diameter to start with , so I let it go and bolted it up. Gotta jack up high and crawl under - behind the transaxle near the sway bar.

The EM 2528A shaft material is aluminum instead of the stock steel but fits perfectly.

EM 2720A in the middle proved to be the hardest one of the bunch. Thought it was going to be the easiest. Hahaa!! WRONG!!! This is that pretty Transaxle mount that sits up tall and proud on the drivers side and looks like it would be so easy to get to .......well that much is true, BUT....big but here. The replacement mount you see in the photo is actually the piece all the way INSIDE that mass of metal pieces . everything has to come apart to get the rubber mount sandwiched in the middle. I even had to unbbolt the kickdown cable from the transmission and lay the cable connection down flat so I could get to the bottom bolt of the mount on the fender area. Once apart you have to take a dremel tool and cut off the stock flanges of the old inner mount and literally beat it out with a hammer. This one in the photo had to be beat back in on a vise, and I use motor oil on the outside of the mount housing to aid in getting the new one back in. Try to remember how it looks before you beat this thing out, it will go back together 4 different ways, but only 1 way is the right one! Yep I had to take the whole darn thing all apart and beat the gritty thing back out because I got it wrong the 1st try, You won't realize you've got it wrong until you try to put everything back together and then you get your feeling hurt! Yes , this mount was in the worst condition out of all 5 I replaced - it fell out in 3 pieces once it came out of the housing it was sandwiched in! So fair warning to those going forward out there!!

EM 2496 is the top mount forward on the passenger side. Only issue I had with this one is you have to unbolt all the plastic under the passenger fender area forward of the front wheel - 3 bolts are hidden up behind the fender - this one seemed to be the easiest of the bunch to me.

Last one EM 2477 is the one under the power steering pump near the firewall on the passenger side. This mount is still used on my 94 Sedan. My main comment - and I will show a photo from the '94 since it give a good shot of the issue - is that the inner bolt underneath is so close to the inner axle CV joint makes getting a ratchet all but impossible. Access is easy if you remove the wheel and plastic cover if installed. That one bolt held me up longer than any other bolt or nut in the project. - expect to take some time with it. I had to resort to using a wrench and a whole lot of 1/8 turns up in there.


Re: '84 Sunbird Engine Mounts
Tuesday, August 22, 2017 4:22 PM
Nice work and glad to see all went well.

I love to see pictures of work being done.

When I did my motor I ran into problems getting the correct upper mount. I ordered two and got auto trans mount both times. Ending up having to do what you did with the 2027A and swapping out the rubber and mating it to the old frame. That was about 5 years ago so my memory is a little fuzzy on the whole process.

Re: '84 Sunbird Engine Mounts
Sunday, September 10, 2017 11:38 AM
Nice work & dedication
I didn't know you could get just the inside rubber of the trans mount, always see the whole assembly, which is probably a little easier. I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem with them that I have had where the new one tears the rubber and bottoms out pretty much right away.

I've been battling my wagon all summer, but finally back to daily driving.

86 Skyhawk wagon : 2.0SOHC swap, Megasquirt, 20SEH cam
93 Sunbird sedan : 2.0SOHC, Microsquirt, ported head, 10:1
88 Sunbird coupe : 2.0SOHC, turbo project car, giant tires
Re: '84 Sunbird Engine Mounts
Thursday, September 21, 2017 5:42 PM
I need to do mine, but after the party I had doing them on the Camaro, I may wait a bit...

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