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The NEW Future GM?
Sunday, December 03, 2017 8:40 AM
Yes, for a couple years I have been trying so hard to wrap my head around just how these new self driving vehicles would evolve.

Today I finally saw the light with this news article. I truly believe this is one of those "Gotcha" moments for anyone that is a auto buff like myself. The future of the these auto makers will eventually see them manufacturing , running, repairing and maintaining vehicles from cradle to grave. Why settle for a one time sale when a Company can constantly stream income from them from the 1st day they hit the road till they are no longer deemed roadworthy. GM will manufacture the Auto - write all the code (and own it of course) and sell any and all data collected by the users and surveillance the onboard cameras happen to capture to any party willing to pay. In addition to paying for the ride - I am sure the riders will be bombarded with constant commercials along the way unless they, too, are willing to pay GM a sum to ride without them. would seem the possibilities of income streaming could be endless!

The idea is so ingenious that I am easily wondering why on earth I didn't see this coming? I don't like the idea at all, but as more and more wealth flows to the top it is inevitable that the rest of us poor wags will have to simply take what we can get. I can reconcile somewhat that in this day and age of ever growing electronics and Artificial Intelligence a whole lot of young folks that would have enjoyed turning wrenches will find enjoyable pursuits elsewhere. Heck one day I suppose they will sit in the comfort of their easy chair and rebuild a virtual reality auto for enjoyment. Well like I said - don't like it but I see it coming.

I bet all this will start in the urban areas and spread out rural places like tentacles. Anyone care to guess how fast it'll all happen? Just think folks.....our beloved 1st Gens came out in 1982. What was the state of computer technology just 35 years ago? Those very first J-Bodies didn't even have electronic fuel injection. By the end - in 2005 you couldn't even swap out a simple radio without taking the car to the GM Garage to update the codes so the darn thing would even work.

So enjoy what you got while you got it my friends! is the article if you care to read it:


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