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So Whats new
Friday, May 23, 2008 9:30 PM
Haven't been over on the Cavy Forums for a while. Too busy with school ending for the semester and playing with the other car. My cavy is still running pretty good. I will be due for some more restoration ths summer (mainly under the doors, winter has done the worst to the repaint). Besides that, will probably be on the lookout for a new cooling fan as wheel. Seems to have a terrible vibration and now clicking noise developing.'

Hope everyone else is doing well!


Mine '87 next to a friends Fiero (might be 86 or 87)

The other ride:

1987 Cavalier 2.0 OHV
-A work in progress, one step at a time-
--->Body restore/repair
------> Shaved antenna, 80's Trans Am wing, 90's Grand Am Fogs
------> Spray Bomb to a Gunmetal Gray
--->Custom CAI, 2.2 Header swap, crazy exhaust from previous owner
--->Soon to be sporting 195/65 R14 on Amercian racing rims

Re: So Whats new
Friday, May 23, 2008 10:47 PM
Well to keep it short I removed my intake manifold and decided to go ahead and paint like everything.I am working on the block now,the starter is done as is the oil pan,valve cover and lots of brackets and cleaned a crap load of other parts I removed to to this job.I of course am using high temp primer and high temp paint to do this and will post pics once I have got most of the work close to being reinstalled.The car is on jack stands in my garage and just finished the small stuff this wk.I am going to work on the front of the block this wkend time pending and go buy new gaskets for the oil pan and oil pick up and valve cover.I could write forever but that sums up what I have been doodling on for a couple wks in my off time being the car sits in my garage.Once I do this job I have new axles in my house that are next and a input shaft bearing too.

Re: So Whats new
Thursday, May 29, 2008 3:17 PM
Not much new here. I'm actually driving my '86 more often because it gets better mileage than my '98 Cobra. Its been fun buzzing around town in it since the weather finally got wamer here.

I bought a new crate 2.0 shortblock for it just to have a spare motor, and I hope to replace the leaking steering rack this summer. It also needs a valve job...which I will get to sometime this season. Other than that its just going to be drivin on the sunny days and washed & waxed monthly. Such a fun economical car to drive...I'm suprised there aren't more people fixing these First Gen cars up.

I'm looking for another 82-87 Cav for a daily driver if anyone knows of one in the midwest for sale...PM me!

Re: So Whats new
Friday, May 30, 2008 6:36 AM

Mine '87 next to a friends Fiero (might be 86 or 87)

If the exterior is original, it's an '86. '87-88 didn't have the grey trim along the bottom.

1989 Z24 Convertible - Dust Covered
2006 tC - Dust Covered, but driven more
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