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94 power door lock actuators?
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 9:14 AM
Anyone know where to find power door lock actuators for a 94 coupe. I can't find them anywhere. Thanks

Re: 94 power door lock actuators?
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 9:52 PM
Can you BE more specific about your cars spec's.In short starting with the year brand,model,(any specific version) as such a Le,turbo or even Se,engine as these items narrow down the search.In short I doubt gm used different actuators between the cav and bird other than part numbers (maybe).If you would provide your cars exact model I will track down the part you need.Plus which side door as the part may be inverted based on the RHS/LHS.The more information you provide simplifies my research.I Know these are available for the 94 with good specifics to share with you.I will gladly help after you share your cars spec's.

Re: 94 power door lock actuators?
Wednesday, September 14, 2016 1:26 AM
I'm certain they are the same as the earlier models. For some reason they show as being different and on the door latch itself on the 94. However, my 94 convertible uses the same system as my 92 vert. I wondered if it was a typo and what is shown in the books for a 94 is actually something that came with the 95+. I needed the little bell crank lever for my 92 and got one off of a Coupe in a junk yard, so the coupe is the same as the vert. When I changed the window motor on my 94, I saw it too was exactly the same as my 92 and indeed has the same actuator, even though I was going to order new ones, but saw they were saying it is different. I was surprised to find this, since I had read they were on the latch and wasn't about to pay the $200+ that each one cost.

You can confirm it by removing the door panel and checking. If it is the one that rivets to the inner door in front of the seat belt mount, it is the same as the 91-93 coupe or convertible actuators. I feel very sure that is what you will find.
Re: 94 power door lock actuators?
Friday, September 16, 2016 12:55 AM
Hi again.

Here is a picture from the 94 service manual. The actuator, mounting, etc. is the same as the 91-93. So, you can get 91-93 actuators and install them in your 94. I still have no idea why they used to be listed as different and on the latch like the ones I saw back in February when I was looking to replace mine when I did the window motor. It certainly was a typo because the system shown in the 94 book is identical to the 91-93 and like I said, when I took the panel off of my 94, I was rather upset to find they are indeed just like my 92. I say upset because I had planned to change them at the same time I changed the window motor, but as stated, I didn't buy the ones shown since they were very expensive and I also knew that getting to the latch would be very difficult due to the seat belt mount being in the way and I did not want to have to remove it.

I don't have the 1994 Parts Catalog, but I'm sure the actuators in the 1994 doors are NOT what was show on the website where I found them (the ones that were like $200 or something). Those were some type of square box that said they mount ON the latch. As you can see, that was a mistake.

But again, if you feel the need to confirm, take off your panel and see if it matches what is shown in the picture.
Sorry the picture is so small, I had to resize it in order to post.
1994 Service Manual.jpg (481k)
Actuator.jpg (482k)

Re: 94 power door lock actuators?
Saturday, September 17, 2016 5:31 PM

The actuators are indeed different. I just read a post over at v6z24 about a 94 Sunbird. Guy couldn't find actuators for his and bought the ones for the 93. He said they are different and won't install on the 94 mount.
If that is the only problem, you can get the mounting brackets off a 91-93 and use the 91-93 actuator with it. You may need to drill a hole or something in the inner skin to get them mounted.

I just had my 94's door panel off to replace a regulator roller, but that was before I saw you post. I would have checked the actuator closely to see if I could tell if the 91-93 type could be installed using the 91-93 bracket. At any rate, I feel sure the earlier ones could be used, with minor altercations/modifications.
Re: 94 power door lock actuators?
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 3:26 PM
Sorry for the late response. Been working a lot of hours. It's a 94 cavalier coupe. Pretty much base model. Has crank windows and power locks
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