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Monday, March 28, 2016 12:09 AM
So this just recently occured as in about two maybe three days ago, also probably should've added this in my brake drum thread but oh well.

Upon coming to a complete stop I noticed an odd sensation in the brake pedal which when this occurs the Trac off comes on and it's like the abs is struggling to do it's job. Not all the time but every so often when this happens the Trac off light will illuminate alongside the abs & service soon lights which will remain on until the car is shut off.

Once off then back on the lights do not reappear, however when the lights are illuminated braking is back to normal if not better(could be non abs feels more natural to me). I do not have good rear brakes and am replacing them asap but front brakes/rotors & hubs have been replaced barely two or three months ago. I personally don't care for abs and would like to eliminate it entirely but would like to know if this could be a precursor to a more serious problem. The abs/Trac off lights don't bother me but the service soon one does as I do have a vac leak that I can't picture point so I'm always concerned that this vac leak will end up doing serious damage before I can fix it as it's starting to cause albeit rarely random misfires.

If the abs fails will I need to replace the entire master cylinder or can I simply remove the relay? I'll eventually delete it when I figure out what's all in involved and what parts I need. Where's a YouTube video how to when you need it? Lol

Re: Abs?
Thursday, July 14, 2016 5:02 AM
My experiance with abs.I had an issue two winters ago, every time it got cold outside first thing in the morning just about every
light on the dash of my 2005 point sunfire would come on and wouldn't go off till I shut it off. Later in the day no problem just first
thing zero degrees winter. So doing some research found others had a problem with left front wheel speed sensor ( some defect
or problem)
So bought a tester that could read ABS codes and ... Code stored LF wheel speed sensor Replaced RF and LF no more lights
last winter.

My thoughts are , recent brake replace.ABS wheel speed sensor is magnetic and will attract any metal it can (rust bits from
brake rotors grindings ) If you look at the end of the sensor and it's not clean kills the signal or possible wire harness damage during the brake job

B Matthews
Re: Abs?
Friday, September 06, 2019 4:39 PM
Did you ever figure this out?

Lately I have felt that weird feeling in the pedal. and then the lights come on. Same thing exactly .

...yea old post. but need information.

Re: Abs?
Friday, September 06, 2019 5:53 PM
All I ended up doing was disconnecting/removing the abs sensors, put new rear brakes and removed the abs relay. This was on my 04 and I never managed to fix the vac leak(replaced every hose, sensor and gasket to avail). It eventually went away on it's away afterwards. I think it was the Ecu not communicating properly with the traction control/abs sensors.
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