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re:s/c(after reading the boost stickys
Thursday, May 16, 2013 9:28 PM

i have seen some peeps asking stuff and i need to ask myself but i will first asnser somthing i was asking for awail will a m90 or a m62 s/c work well i have heard yes no
what i did was do what i think is the right thing to do dont screw with it if you really want to s/c your car get what you no others or using not what you have heard!!
my car is a 99 2.4 cavi i just got my m45(and yes i waited and kept looking intlll i finaly got one with pritty much with all i need to run it.
that brings me to what i need to ask,i am about to put it on this weekend and want to be sure before i start i have did alot of reading and and checking what makes cents of what will fit and wont.
my s/c came internaly port and polished
i got most of what was on the car that it was being used on.
i have 3 pulley 3 belts 2.8 2.7 2.5(and i will only be using the 2.8)
all mounts,rc330 inj,fmu.boost gauge intake piping (with drilled hole for meth inj(going to plug for now)
things i believe can be ansered in this thread is. there anything that is going to be in the way i need to remove after i pull the intake off?(alt, p/s res, a/c, tensioner, vac lines,ect)
2 from what i can see the throatle linkage can be fliped over?
3.should i change the vac lines going to the t/b or just exstand them?(or are they going to fit with out messing with them?)
4on my fmu i have a inlet and outlet and one on the top do i just tap it into the vac line going to the stock fpr(line into the fmu and out to the fpr?)
5. is the line on top of my fmu(little one)for the boost gauge?)if not where to you hookup the boost gauge to and what is that for?
6. i do plan on taking into a shop to get it dyno checked(need to find one) is it ok to drive it with out first getting it dyno checked?
i seem to of heard mixed things about using fmu some peeps say it is ok(stand alone)and it wont run lean maybe rich?
and do i need a ajustable fpr? or one to tap into the ecu like a neo or neo2 to ajust the f/p under different rpm range?
any info would be great thx
and i would like to thank all the peeps that take the time to sit and anser all the things that we ask over and over lol.
with out you guys we would be fxxked lol!!!!!!

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re:s/c(after reading the boost stickys
Saturday, May 18, 2013 5:14 AM
you need to post in the boosted forum.

FU Tuning

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