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Re: Nitrous Time
Saturday, February 12, 2011 7:06 PM
I agree with Copter on this. Ive went through lots of N2O. But you should have to have all the safety equipment.
A window switch is a great investment along with a fuel pressure regulator to shut it down if fuel pressure drops below a safe point.
To me, running nitrous without safety devices would be like a turbo guy running without a blow-off.
I spent weeks reading up on N2O before I even bought a kit. I would tell anyone who is thinking of doing it, to check out all the info you can on the subject.

Blucavvy is 100% correct on building the engine to take it. Since the engine is stock and already has a aftermarket S/C on it, nitrous could take it over its limits.

Good luck on whatever you decide

Re: Nitrous Time
Tuesday, August 09, 2011 12:16 PM
Copter wrote:
yellow cavy (s/c L61) wrote:I didn't think you could run a wet shot through the blower anyway due to fuel eating the teflon from the rotors?

Correct you can't run fuel pre charger. But that isn't an issue as there are many ways to run N20. He could do dry before the blower, wet tapped in a spacer after the blower or prime time would be direct. As long as fuel doesn't go in first you don't need to worry about the Teflon coating. I was thinking about throwing a charger on my car with direct port for some time, there are tons of simple was to avoid this so that is definitely not an issue, good call none the less!

old thread i know, but I sprayeda wet shot pre-blower for 2 years, teflon was fine. only difference is i had a completely built motor and a 100shot, so mine could handle it

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Re: Nitrous Time
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 10:04 AM
BuiltNBoosted wrote:
Tinkles wrote:It is cheaper than missing work and having to replace the engine in your DD. Dont just look at the initial costs. I know John Higgins(Screaming for Mercy!!) is in FL and is a damn good tuner.

All the info for the Racetronix pump is in the Performance and/or Boost forums. They dont specifically make one for J-bodies, but the ones they have for W-bodies and F-bodies are what we use.

w body is a DIRECT drop in, has the line for the venturi hose... the walboro 255 does not have that line. some drill and tap for it. id rather get one with it already. plus you can order it with the harness which is TOTALLY worth it.

The racetronix pump is simply a Walbro 255 with a venturi hose is it not?

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