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terminal connectors & wire
Friday, June 10, 2016 11:54 PM
I have seen this way too much not to write this to help out those like minded souls like me.

So 1st terminal connectors male & female
I have spent more sleepless night searching the Web than any person should have to. But I have finally come across theses gems thanks to terminalsandconnectors.Com
Great quantity to choose from no min purchase and great prices usually around. 04$ - .54$ ( but I have seen ones over $1.24)

And 2nd the #@$&*% wires
I have looked everywhere possible 300 times or more. Huge pain, but a quick back story I'm building a wire harness for my 02 2.4l z24, no crank issue (oh joy) now I believe if ur gonna do it, do it right now make it new. Now ppl keep saying wire "just rewire or splice" or "y don't u just get a harness from a junk car?" *punish* y rewire ur old harness? Obviously there's a problem so y use the same old rotted & stiff 20yr old wire? And pulling 1 off a junk car that's just as old and could have its own electrical problem? Yeah f@#$ that! And I refuse to have to write out a new pcm pint, y give urself more work than u have 2? Next was finding the right quantity, (i dont need 50ft of wire left over) most the wires i need are about 10ft average ( tho some colors I needed 120ft of)
but the biggest h*ll I went through was finding stripe wires(since I wanted 2 keep the factory pinout), but the hero of our tale goes to eficonnections.com
With a 10ft min and $15 min purchase most wires are about .30-.50$ a ft. Now for those larger quantities of solid color wires black, orange, red,purple etc... mcmelectronics.com has been named winner. With sizes of 25, 50 & 10ft spools and amazing prices.
I do ask should any1 find better places please post always lookin for the best deals on the best products!

1 last tidbit of info housings are cheap and easy to find, if u don't already know where to find them terminals and connections have some but not sure price wise, I'm reusing my housings since they are not my problem. But T&C should give you a proper name or part number to assist in ur searches.

Hope this helps and I've come across amazing things in my searches so feel free to ask n I'll see how & if I can assist!

Re: terminal connectors & wire
Sunday, June 12, 2016 6:28 AM
What gage wire is used for the instrument cluster harness?
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