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Looking to boost 2.4L LD9
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 8:47 PM
Hey there guys! I am the owner of a lovely 2001 z24 Cavalier, and I really want to turbo it, but trying to find a good build guide is daunting...

I was just wondering if anyone can link me to a good turbo build guide/ a good turbo kit for the LD9 engine that would be absolutely awesome! Thank you!


Re: Looking to boost 2.4L LD9
Saturday, October 29, 2016 9:59 AM
No real guide. No kits new anymore. You can buy manifolds, and piece together everything else, which is cheaper.

FU Tuning

Re: Looking to boost 2.4L LD9
Saturday, November 12, 2016 1:29 PM
You'll want to read the boost sticky at the top of the "forums" but since I'm in the process of building a turbo setup here's what I have 2000 Z24 - goals 500+ whp:

Block: ARP head studs, custom billet steel main caps with ARP studs, 2.3 oil pump swap (gets rid of balance shafts and improves oil flow)
Gutted lightweight crank with Clevite rod & main bearings, HO balancer
Eagle 4340 forged rods with ARP L19 rod bolts
Wiesco custom forged pistons with valve reliefs for 2.3 HO head 9.5 scr
Todd Miller modded stock oilpan (to clear 2.3 oil pump and increase oil pan volume)
Fully ported & polished 086 Quad4 HO head with Bronze valve guides, Supertech valve springs and Trick Titanium retainers
Ported HO intake with LS1 tb adapter welded on and 75mm LS1 tb
HG2 cams 224*/.430" with intake cam modded for ps hex and cam position sensor
Custom 1 3/4" equal length 321 stainless turbo header, 3" stainless cat back, Magnaflow stainless muffler
Turbonetics 62-1 T4 turbo .96 ar (good to 675 hp), 31x11x4 FMIC
2.2 coil conversion Custom MSD plug wires & DIS II ignition box
poly motor mounts and trans mounts,

F23 trans with Quafie LSD and Short throw shift linkage
B&M short throw shifter with anti slop kit

Grand Am GT aluminum front control arms with poly bushings and aluminum spindles
Tein SS coilovers
Addco 26mm front & rear sway bars
Convertible front strut brace
Jeffie twist beam bushings
LS1 Fbody 12" front brake rotors and dual piston calipers braided lines
SRT4 10.6" rear disc brakes
Grand Am GT 4wdisc master cylinder
18x7.5 Riax Seca wheels
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