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Turbo Questions for my 1999 2.4 GT
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 5:57 AM
I think i have most of the stuff figured out.

I have a turbo, intercooler, bov, dump pipe, and plenty of piping to use but what im a little unsure on is the whole ECU/Programming thing. Im on a super super tight budget... basically the cheaper the better and i can do all the work myself. What im not sure on is what kind of ecu i need or if i can use a flash tune chip or if the stock ecu will work, etc. Also dont really know about the wideband thing. I have an AMSoil boost controller ecu for my mazda miata (what the turbo kit was originally mounted to) and i cant find any answers if that can be made to work on my sunfire.

Currently all i need to buy if the ecu will work is a turbo manifold for like $150 CAD which im totally happy with. I also have to get a new timing chain kit for the car and thats going to cost me another $350 CAD. so im already at $500 and i would like to finish making the car turbo for another $500 or less if at all possible.

Re: Turbo Questions for my 1999 2.4 GT
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 6:45 AM
I'm not 100% on LD9 2.4 stuff but I can tell you this: Tuning is a pain in these cars and it WILL cost you probably as much as you've already spent, if not more. 00-02 LD9 cars had the option of running a GMPP m45 supercharger kit. That kit came with a reflashed PCM. The good news is that someone has "unlocked" that supercharger tune and you can flash it to your PCM with the HP Tuners software. And you can then modify it a little from there to fit your specific setup's needs. That's way better than what the ecotec people like myself have to work with.

The bad news is that HP Tuners Pro (I suggest Pro) costs about 650 bucks. And if you don't want to buy it, you'll probably end up spending about the same or more at a tuning shop to have it done and dialed in.

If you go the tuning shop route, you don't need to worry about a wideband sensor. If you end up buying the HP Tuners software and going it alone, you'll need to buy a wideband o2 sensor and install it in the exhaust (custom exhaust shops can do this cheap and easy). That sensor comes with a gauge/controller that has an output wire to plug into the HP Tuners software. The point of a wideband sensor is to give you a much more precise Air/Fuel ratio reading. This reading is CRITICAL to keeping a boosted car from blowing up or contaminating the oil so much that it will also... blow up.

Hopefully another person more knowledgeable about LD9s can chime in, but I believe you'll have to use a PCM and complete engine harness from a 00-02 LD9. That will also require some small sensor changes like the knock sensor, etc. I have no idea if it's possible to run a 00-02 PCM on an 99 harness. Maybe you can with just a couple splices. No idea.

If I may ask,what is your plan for fuel delivery? The stock pump won't last too long with the higher fuel demands. And you'll definitely need bigger injectors.

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Re: Turbo Questions for my 1999 2.4 GT
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 1:24 PM
So i was thinking of using the stock injectors and fuel pump from a mustang or somthing similar. Also considering a manual boost controller instead of digital. Im hoping i can go the route of just retuning the a/f ratio and calling it a day.

Can the stock ecu be reprogramed or do i need a piggyback or standalone or can i get a flash tune chip...somthing like that. Im not conserened with getting big power or anything. Just planning to run around 6-7 pounds boost. Basically looking for the most bare bones cheapest way to get it done. Welding etc is nothing new to me so i can do all the work.
Re: Turbo Questions for my 1999 2.4 GT
Thursday, August 03, 2017 5:01 AM
Fuel pump we have proven options. Racetronix, and Areomotive stealth.Injectors we have proven options. Cobalt SS/SC stage 2 should be fine for 6-7pounds of boost.

Our ecu's do not have chips. They can be reprogrammed with HPTuners and EFI Live.
My recommendation is to have a proven jbody tuner tune your car. Our ecu's compared to LS cars and even others are bare bones, and most people can't figure out how to make them work properly.

Standalone is not a bad option and I would recommend Megasquirt Pro3.

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