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How To: repair broken mirrors in visors.
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 11:54 AM
I revived a set of toyo visors in the mail and when i got them the mirror was broken on the drivers side. I'm not sure if it broke in shipping or if they didn't tell me it was broken... not the point, But after using search and finding nothing i took it upon myself to find out how to fix it.

What you will need:
Visor that is broken
Donner visor
some kind of marker, i used a sharpie pen
Some glue if you mess up a little bit

So first off remove your visor and take it inside because chances are it is cleaner inside and probably feels better than outside.

Next look at the side of the visor that has the mirror area. note the bottom 2 corners and feel on the back for a area that is "sunk in" and has a little plastic peg in it.

(here is where mine are)

Now for the tricky part. You want to take the pen or whatever devise you choose and use the flat back side of it and push on the little pegs. A few popping sounds will be herd but don't freak out. What holds it together is a peg in 2 metal strips that flex down with the peg. kind of a one way deal but you can push it apart from the back.

After a little bit of time pushing on the pegs and what not, they will finally come undone. When they do, the tops just hook so they will pull right out then you have a stand alone mirror flippy thingy.
(do the same steps for the downer mirror) NOTE: its more important to be more careful on the downer mirrors pegs than the good bodied mirrors pegs.

Now that you have your mirror pieces, this is how i chose to go about fixing it because i have the toyo and wanted to keep the outside sticker piece. If your just putting a different piece in then go ahead and hook the top in and press the bottom untill its back flush with the visors body.

Im going to explain how to take the front off then post all the pictures on doing so.

On the lid there is 2 points that the lid and the mirror body meet, they go together like a hook onto a poll. and there is a metal tab that is used as the "spring" to hold it open or closed.
place your thumb at the base of the metal strip and pull up and back (twords you) on the lid. Repeat for the other side and putting it back on is the same in reverse.


Use the glue if you break one of the little pins to hold it together.

Hope this helps some people, this could also be used if you want to wrap the mirror lids in carbon fiber or paint them or do whatever.

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