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Instructions on Recarpeting & Reattaching Armrest
Wednesday, August 20, 2003 8:26 AM
I will try and get some pics of my armrests up as soon as my film comes back.

Carpeting the Armrest

Make sure that you are in an area where if you spray your adhesive and it hits your work surface it won’t hurt anything. Also make sure it is well ventilated or the adhesive spray will get you higher than a MoFo. Good Luck.

Items Needed:
Spray Adhesive (I’m a fan of 3M)

1. Cut your carpet to the basic shape of the armrest. I left about 1 ˝ inches to 2 inches of access carpet. This way you don’t cut it too short for the bend and have to start over.

2. Start on the flattest part of the armrest spray a little Adhesive on the armrest and the back of the carpet let sit for about 30 seconds (this lets the adhesive get tacky.)

3. Press the glued part onto the armrest and work it tight. This is going to be your starting point or as I called it, the anchor so make sure this is tight.

4. From here just work your way towards the other side using the same method, spray adhesive on both the armrest and the carpet and work it in.

5. When you get to the curve, I used a baseball to work it in. it is the perfect size for the curve just press it hard and work the adhesive together.

6. When you are close to being done, you will get some bends or kinks in the carpet. To remedy this, I cut the carpet down within ˝ inch of the armrest. Make sure to work these kinks out or it will look like crap, and it will be difficult to reattach the armrest.

7. When the carpet is completely done, let it dry and cut the carpet down to the exact size, by trimming off your ˝ inch of excess material. Make sure that all of your edges are attached well; as if this comes loose the rest will come loose easier.

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Re: Instructions on Recarpeting & Reattaching Armrest
Wednesday, August 20, 2003 8:28 AM
Reattaching the Armrest

First of all, let me say this, I have an 02 Cavalier LS Sport. I recarpeted my armrests using actual automotive carpet. I think that this part is very important in why mine worked the way it did. When taking the armrest out I dremeled the top of the plastic weld, I tried the 2 Tube Epoxy, I tried 2 tube Plastic Weld and neither worked. I was desperate, and came up with this method.

Items Needed:
JB Weld Quick Set Epoxy
Velcro with the sticky stuff on the back
Chisel or razor blade
Rubbing alcohol
Either a weight or a brick

1. On the inside of the door panel, I shaved all of the pegs and tabs off using your chisel or razor blade. This is so the armrest would sit flush against the door. (After this, there is no going back, so make sure you are committed to this method.)

2. I cleaned where the Velcro would go very thoroughly using rubbing alcohol wipes that came with my Velcro. This ensures that the Velcro will stick well, and not come loose… this is the weakest link in this method.

3. Place the Velcro in strategic spots around the armrest. If any side comes loose, it is going to be easier for the others to come loose. Use the plastic hook sides only, as the loops will not stick to the carpet.

4. I put a little less than a dime sized amount of both tubes of the JB Weld, on each piece of Velcro.

5. Mix them all up, and make sure that when you put the carpeted armrest down you take it straight down as to not smear the JB Weld on your freshly carpeted armrest.

6. Put your weight or brick on top of the armrest, and leave it… the JB Weld says it sets in 4 minutes but it has been my experience to let it sit longer, just to be safe.

7. A safer idea or so my father thought would be to seal the edges of the armrest too. Do this by mixing up some more JB Weld and going around the edge of the armrest, while it is still being held down by the weight.


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