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visor part - available anywhere?
Monday, June 18, 2018 9:11 AM

So both of my sun visors are broken. I unscrewed the driver's side yesterday to see what I could find out and the plastic barrel/ring thing that keeps it from wildly spinning and flopping around (which it is doing and which is very annoying as you know if you have the same problem) - is the part that is broken. I sure don't need or want a whole new visor. So my question is - is this one plastic part available from anywhere? If not, is there a way to repair this piece of plastic? I doubt superglue would work given the stress on that part. And I am not spending more than a few bucks. From what I have seen the price for a whole new visor is totally completely INSANE. That 's out of the question. I figure I will make a trip to Lowe's and see if I cant find a piece that fits in there if I have to but was just wondering what everyone else has done.


Re: visor part - available anywhere?
Tuesday, November 06, 2018 4:51 AM

Ever get the feeling you are the only person using this forum anymore? So this morning, in a moment of annoyance at the slightly-sagging passenger side visor (both the drivers and pass side visors are broken and flop around like a fish out of water), I slammed it upward hoping that the metal shaft would stay in a little deeper - and of course it totally broke and now is sagging much much further down and is completely ridiculous.

Surely, there must be a cheap and easy do-it-yourself fix using some plastic or metal parts from some home improvement store? I can't believe nobody else has had this problem. I am not spending the KBB value of my whole car just to replace the visors.

Maybe in a few years, someone will find this and reply.

Re: visor part - available anywhere?
Tuesday, November 06, 2018 10:01 AM
We are still here.

The local boneyard is a Cavalier owner's BEST FRIEND these days.

Your profile says Raleigh, NC. There is an LKQ right there in Raleigh and another one in nearby Durham.

There are 6 Cavaliers to chose from right now today at the Raleigh LKQ spanning 1999-2005.

Type in "Cavalier" in "Find Your Car" and go.

You should have no problem getting that part.

Re: visor part - available anywhere?
Wednesday, November 07, 2018 11:28 AM
Wow. What a pleasant surprise to see a reply. Thanks for the information. I have never used one of those places before. How do they work? I guess I will have to do some investigation. But I appreciate the information. My car might as well be made of egg shells. Look at it the wrong way and something will break. In fact, I am afraid to take it anywhere even for an oil change or tire rotation - though I am going to have to pretty soon - only because every time someone gets in - literally everything they touch from the seat to the stick shift is at risk of breaking (or breaking MORE than it already is). The other day, I stopped by Autozone to have my CEL codes read and the guy asked WTF is up with the driver's seat. The bottom has totally broken so that my ass basically sinks into a deep hole about an inch from the floor. Every day is an adventure when you're as poor as I am. I never know what is going to happen every time I turn the key. Fortunately, changing the plug wires fixed my most recent problem for just a few bucks.

Thanks again. I am gonna have to totally remove the visor until I can find a fix for it - It's pretty bad. I can always put on a hat with a visor, I guess.
Re: visor part - available anywhere?
Friday, November 09, 2018 11:46 AM
LKQ sites are very easy.

1. Bring your toolbox with the tools you need to remove the part(s) you need - plan ahead.

2. Enter the building and go to the check-in counter.

3. Pay your $2 or $3 cover charge. (it is $2 where I am but $3 in Dayton as I found when I scored a rare part when I was on travel earlier this year from there)

4. Sign in your name and enter the yard.

5. Grab a wheelbarrow or cart if your parts list is long or if you are getting a big or heavy part - you may want to since it sounds like you also need a new seat.

6. Head for the GM section. (it helps if you look at the cars online at the LKQ website before you head there because it tells EXACTLY where they are by row).

7. Remove your parts

8. Load up and head back to the check out.

9. Pay and get your toolbox inspected at the checkpoint (IMPORTANT: They are very strict so make sure there are no spare auto parts of any kind in your toolbox because even if they are yours from earlier and you have forgotten they were there you have just STOLEN FROM THEM - there is no wiggle room here so be smart)

10. Enjoy your new visor and seat, shift knob, etc...

11. You WILL find Cav stuff there (or in any yard for that matter) that is likely in better condition than what is on your car and will probably go back for more - keep watching the LKQ site for when new Cavs or Sunfires enter the yard. People just throw out Cavs and Sunfires now for the most trivial of problems and with very low mileage often as well.

The best thing about LKQ is the ability to check online to see if the car you really need parts from is there. It saves time and trips.

Consider getting a CENTECH code reader from Harbor Freight the next time a 25% SuperCoupon comes up - that way you won't have to listen to AutoZone make fun of your Cav anymore. The price is very cheap with the coupon.

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