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Re: Project-J progress thread
Monday, September 10, 2012 4:47 PM
Here is some progress.

Alternator died on me, had it rebuilt, after alternator was reinstalled starter took a crap on me.
got a starter out of a junkyard Z24, installed it and had an issue with it not turning off even after the key was turned off.
After some playing around figured it out(stupid recall relay fix).
It drives SO much better after getting the alternator rebuilding, hit 450 miles on one tank of gas(exactly 30mpg).
If it wasn't for having to roll the car to start it, and the PCM restarting every time I bet I would of hit 500 miles.
also figured out what was causing the gauge cluster to dim, turn on/off and a loud clicking sound.
The ABS module was causing it, after unplugging the ABS it doesn't act up anymore.

End of the month I should have a replacement Sub-Frame, Control Arms and some new front struts(all damaged when Wife hit a light pole end of last year.
Also a set of the amber corner lights, I want to open the headlights and paint the outside edges black.
Also have correct size tires on the SRT4 rims(215/45) which should allow me to lower it a inch or so to close in some of that wheel gap.
Oh on a side note, considered swapping rims with the wife's new beetle's 16" allows(no filler, but would have center caps).

Ether be White, Gold(same as motor) or black.
Along with some rear spacers to push the rims out to match the fronts(maybe a bit further out).
Should have funds opening up again so I should have both side skirts molded to the quarter panel(drivers side is almost done).
Both skirts have been cut down at fenders and trimmed to sit flush on fenders.
Only thing needed to 'finish' exterior is the WW lip I'm hoping to pick up at tax time, then a complete body repaint with the noted two-tone.
Oh yeah fix gap in rear bumper lol
Then start swapping the blue interior for a black interior with Sunfire dash/door panels.

Painted the silver 00-02 fenders and Z front bumper white, its not 100% match but close enough to say the car is almost all one color.
Next week I'm going to paint the black grill/fog light holders black, the dull OEM gray isn't doing it for me, which is why there is some white overspray in a few places.
Plus got a few ideas for a front plate.

Here are some pictures(still need to replace passenger door).
Before car is repainted next year the door moldings will be lowered to fill in the bulge on the quarter panels.
Sorry for the glare in the pictures, didn't clean up the pictures since it was just in the drive way.

So thats where i am right now.
Hoping to have the car finished by the south eastern GM meet next year.

Re: Project-J progress thread
Monday, September 17, 2012 2:49 PM
Might replace the SRT4 rims for some 17" Turbo PT Cruiser rims. Watcha think I'm kinda digging them...

Might swap the SRT4 rims for those 17" PT turbo rims.

Re: Project-J progress thread
Monday, September 17, 2012 6:03 PM

Not sure what happened just then lol theres the pic.

Re: Project-J progress thread
Saturday, September 22, 2012 11:18 AM
Rims fell through, so staying with the SRT4 rims for a while.
Met up with a fellow Jbody-er and picked up a replacement Sub-Frame, Control arms(with urethane bushings) to replace damaged parts from when wife hit light pole.
And some amber corner lights.
Had to work on the headlight harness, so I test fitted the corners(need to be cleared).

And was bored at work and had some random stickers left from my sons Bday so made a JBO decal.

Thinking about doing something with the fogs.
Maybe tinting them(gonna be opening the headlights and painting the surrounding area black).
Or making them yellow.
Or might just keep them as is.

Re: Project-J progress thread
Saturday, September 22, 2012 11:22 AM
Hm. Maybe these would help.

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