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DOHC_tuner update
Monday, October 22, 2012 9:29 AM
Well a quick little update on my J. I almost gave up on her and sold her. But I decided it would be fun to tune her. Back when I bought the car it had a turbo kit with the Alpha-N stock tune. Car ran good but had NO power. I don’t even want to mention the AFR.

Since then I have installed LSJ injectors and downloaded the GM speed density tune as a base tune. AFR improved a bit but once I was going to begin datalogging I noticed the dam oil stick blowing off every trip and the smell of oil. Well blow-by can be a bitch!...LOL

SO the car sat and I pulled the engine. Engine currently is at my machine shop guy….i just gotta pay that sucker off….and BAM! LD9 powa!

I learned a lot over on….and forgot a lot….mainly cuz I stopped driving the car and because I bought a SS/T…which is tuned differently. Aside that NOW LNF Cobalts can be tuned via a similar speed density setup So I was excited to hear that!

Well I love the stock Z24 spoiler look. So I guess I will be one of the few that will dare to drill into a carbon fiber trunk

Turbo will be sent to Noribuilt to get rebuilt….along with the manifold to get welded. I have a upgraded turbo kit but that will wait.

Been spending most of my time working on the GTZ….dam water puddles!

The motivation! LMAO!

The guardian!

Ive been told my 15psi tune isnt stock?

GMR has got nothing on this

Re: DOHC_tuner update
Monday, October 22, 2012 10:45 AM
loving them all man! absolutely hate all the decals on the cobalt though. ruined its clean look for sure.

I choose the technology built for land speed records... not the technology built to save on emissions and gas mileage.
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